Live – Panic! at the Disco/ME

So, I saw Panic! at the Disco at Southampton Guildhall on 1st February 2012. Support came from [ME] who I featured a few days before the concert here. 

[ME] came out sounding like Queen and dressed like The Black Parade era My Chemical Romance but it worked for them. Their songs were full of pomp and they performed with the necessary swagger to pull them off, however a half hour support slot was plenty of time to get them, any longer and I feel that the lack of range in their songs would have began to grate.

Panic! at the Disco came out and instantly the crowd was in their hands. This is a band that has had an incredibly strong fanbase since they emerged on the scene back in 2005 and the fans have stuck with them through a turbulent few years. Vices & Virtues is a return to form for the band after their difficult second album and tonight was definitely a celebration of this.

The set contained nine of Vices & Virtues ten tracks, but with plenty of the classics thrown in along the way. The biggest reaction of the night was, of course, reserved for main set closer ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’  however their incredible cover of  ‘The Darkness’ ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ came a close second. The show proved what an amazing album Vices & Virtues really is, with every track being well received and standing up strong to the adored classics from ‘Fever’ and ‘Pretty.Odd’.

Yes, at times you felt like you might have been at a JLS concert, surrounding by girls screaming declarations of love at Spencer and Brendon, but then again Brendon did do a backflip so you can hardly blame them.


~ by justdip on 16/02/2012.

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