Live. The Xcerts/Flood of Red/Fixtures

The Xcerts played Moles in Bath on March 21st 2012 as part of a short tour of rescheduled shows. Support came from Flood of Red and Fixtures.

I went in having never heard of Fixtures, and by the end of their set I was desperate to hear more by them. They play excellent math rock music and while they’re obviously still trying to find themselves in a live environment, only the guitarist seemed completely comfortable onstage, I will be watching out for them in the coming months and years.

Flood of Red, on the other hand, are a band very comfortable with playing live. With lead singer standing in the audience they played relentlessly for thirty minutes, only stopping to down beer and thank the crowd for checking them out. The band put their all into their set, mircophone stands were flung around the room and the ceiling took a beating but it all translated to a very strong performance.

The Xcerts opened with ‘Do You Feel Safe’ from debut album ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’ and it’s a juggernaunt of a song that I swear sounds louder, more frantic and powerful every time they play it. The set drew from both their debut and ‘Scatterbrain’ as well as a new song getting an airing. If ‘Shaking in the Water’ is an example of where the band are heading on album number three, then it can’t come quickly enough.  ‘Scatterbrain’ got the crowd singing along with it’s clever pop sensibilities and ‘Carnival Time’ threatened to send several of them home in neckbraces with it’s pounding breakdown. Ending the set with a solo rendition of ‘Aberdeen 1987’ frontman Murray held the crowd on an emotional knifepoint. Jordan and Tom then rejoined Murray onstage for an impromptu encore of ‘Cool Ethan’ but not before turning down a request from Flood of Red to play White Christmas.

What The Xcerts proved at Moles in Bath was what an incredible tight unit they’ve become, playing a near flawless set despite being jetlagged and beaten down by a hectic SXSW festival a few days earlier.

They’ve got one headline tour left of this album cycle which takes place in May, a relatively quiet summer with just two festivals booked, 2000 Trees and Y not, and then they’re disappearing into the studio to work on album three. So I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll say it again but make sure you see them live because they’re fucking awesome.


~ by justdip on 29/03/2012.

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