Live. We Are The In Crowd.

We Are The In Crowd set out on their first UK headline tour in April of 2012 that concluded with a sold out gig at London’s 02 Academy Islington on 26th April. Support came from Super Prime and The Summer Set.

Super Prime were up first. Clearly a band heavily influenced by bands such as Blink 182 and early Greenday it’s just a shame they choose to convey this influence through cheap imitation. They weren’t a bad band, nor did they deliver a bad set, it was just uninteresting and certainly doesn’t offer anything new to a genre that already has such established masters. With some development and diversion in their sound, as well as working on their lacklustre stage presence, there might be hope for the Super Prime.

The Summer Set were next and while musically very similar to Super Prime they took the stage in an entirely different manner. Instead of standing offishly with the crowd, they demanded the crowd get involved in a manner deemed fit to the music. With repetitive, yet charming lyrics and uptempo, energetic four chord songs about girls in summer it’s not only offered an escape from the bleak reality that outside it was a cold Thursday in April but also enticed the audience to bounce and singalong. I had my doubts as they took to the stage and launched into first song ‘Punch Drunk Love’ but soon those doubts evaporated as sometimes a frontman can be too engaging and endearing to ignore. Brian Dales is that frontman. The Summer Set are back in America now, to work on their new album but they promised that the UK is top of the list when they return.

We Are The In Crowd bounded onto the stage, backed by the drawn out intro to Rumour Mill before taking their places and launching into a faster and more raw take on the breakout song from their debut album ‘Best Intentions’. Their set drew from both their debut and their self funded EP ‘Agree To Disagree’ which meant they comfortably filled the headline slot with quality pop-punk tune after tune, avoiding the few songs that dilute the quality of their debut. We Are The In Crowd are musically very tight. They’re a band that have spent a majority of the time since their formation touring and it shows as every song is performed flawlessly.

One of the clear highlights of the set were the Pop-Punk ballad of ‘Kiss Me Again’ with Brian Dales of The Summer Set guesting on vocals freeing up both Taylor and Jardan to move around the stage more, inciting more movement from the crowd. The additional member bought renewed energy to the stage, and every fed off of this. The set closer of ‘Both Sides of The Story’ is phenomenal live. It isn’t the cleverest song, lyrically, but it’s angsty, honest and the perfect party song for dealing with an ex.

On stage it looks like We Are The In Crowd are having the time of their lives, and that energy  and positivity is felt throughout the crowd and is heard in their music. Taylor and Jardan’s dual vocals work really well live, halving the work means doubling the power and these vocals carry the show, backed by melodic, upbeat, guitar driven tracks backed by  a strong bass and drum combo.The chemistry between Taylor and Jardan on stage is a thing of beauty and reminds me much more of Blink 182 than it ever will of Paramore, a band who WATIC get compared to on an almost daily basis.

We Are The In Crowd will be back in the UK, supporting Young Guns in October.


~ by justdip on 10/05/2012.

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