Cloud Nothing – No Future, No Past

Cloud Nothing are a brilliant band from Cleveland, America. They make glorious Lo-Fi rock music and in Feburary this year they released their second album, Attack On Memory.

‘Attack on Memory’ is a fantastic album that explores the bands depth and scope and opening track ‘No Future, No Past’ is an instant attention grabber. I’ve always been a fan of the opening track on albums, they say alot about the artist and set the tone for the whole album and ‘No Future, No Past’ certainly does that. Reminiscent of Brand New’s ‘You Won’t Know’, ‘No Future, No Past’ is a track that constantly builds until it can’t keep itself restrained and the underlying aggression comes bursting to the front with a powerful and explosive breakdown with Dylan Baldi’s vocals pushed to breaking point.

Cloud Nothing are touring pretty constantly over the next few months, jumping between Europe and America, which gives you plenty of chances to catch them live. Dates can be found on their Facebook.

No Future, No Past.


~ by justdip on 15/05/2012.

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