Mikill Pane – Hey Baby

Mikill Pane is a London born MC who’s starting to build momentum ahead of releasing his debut album, Blame Miss Barclay, which is due out later this year.

‘Hey Baby’ is the most radio friendly track from the You Guest It EP, but even then it’s still darker than most of the tracks you’ll hear on the radio. Featuring guest verses from P Money and Fem Fel and a chorus with Katie Price ‘Hey Baby’ really emphasises the power of Mikill’s laid back, precise delivery when compared to the frantic choruses that P Money and Fem Fel offer.  ‘Hey Baby’ is a brilliant track which highlights the strengths of each of the rappers who create an excitingly varied track that changes pace often enough to keep it constantly sounding fresh.

Mikill Pane plays his first headline gig tonight at The Hoxton Bar and Grill, which is sold out. Check back for a live review soon though.

You can get your hands on the brilliant ‘You Guest It’ EP for free from the SBTV website

Hey Baby


~ by justdip on 24/05/2012.

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