Stuff The Jubilee.

I’m a member of a generation that doesn’t care. I’m part of a generation who doesn’t believe in hard work. I’m a statistic that makes up a generation of kids waiting to sell their souls at the earliest opportunity.

It’s the Monday of the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and if there’s any justice in the world the weather will have sorted out all that fucking bunting that has been casually draped across the country, marking out the territory of those pompous pricks who think a throwback to village fetes from the 1950’s is a jolly spiffing idea. The idea of uniting the country in one glorious jig under the maypole may have worked in post war Britain but today the enemy isn’t coming from overseas, they’re sat in number ten. Or pay rolling those who currently are.

At least we have the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics to look forward to because the only way you’re getting to see an event this summer is but getting ‘Coca Cola own this’ across your forehead or sticking a Crunchie into your throat, like a chocolaty corporate Tracheotomy.

I’m just one mildly disgruntled number, but luckily there’s cleverer people than me who can put across how I feel in a more direct and witty manner, so I’ve made a short playlist of some songs that reflect my mood. Enjoy.

If you’re not Spotify savvy then the track list is as follows.

England’s Dead by Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun

Kabul Shit by Lily Allen

Free Nights of Riots by Beans On Toast

Lost Kids – Blood Red Shoes

Love, Ire & Song – Frank Turner

God Save The Queen – Sex Pistols.


~ by justdip on 03/06/2012.

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