Live. Tall Ships.

Tall Ships headlined Sailor Jerry’s Hotel Street on the evening of June 7th 2012. Support came from Doctrines.

Doctrines are a rock band from Manchester. They layer complex guitars over pounding drums and multiple vocals to create a powerful and pulsating sound.

Doctrines started by playing older tracks from debut EP ‘O This Body Of Mine, I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime’ which is available as a free download from their bandcamp. Doctrines sounded great but it wasn’t until they moved onto a run through of their upcoming EP ‘ZE’ that they really came alive. Musically tight, they played with passion and intensity as the run through flawlessly flowed from track to track. The vocals were raw and gave the music the sense of losing control, but the tightness of the instruments kept the gig on course. Doctrines blew me away and are definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on. ZE is released in June through the delightful Alcopop records and sounds stunning.

Tall Ships are a alternative rock band from Falmouth in Cornwall. The three piece loop their instruments over one another to create a wall of sound so vast, it could flatten cities if placed in the wrong hands.

Tonight Tall Ships are on fine form. They open their set with T=0, the first single to be taken from their debut album, before walking it into an electric performance of Plate Tectonics from sophomore EP ‘There’s Nothing But Chemistry Here’. The packed out room was so transfixed by the energy the three of them were emitting on stage, as well as the sheer scale of sound that they’d created, that it took  a while for them to respond but they were soon warmed up enough to start enjoying the show in a more vocal and energetic manner.

Tall Ships played a blistering set that focused on their fantastic older material but also gave the audience an insight into their new record. Three unreleased tracks from their upcoming debut were aired during the gig, Gallop, Oscar and Phosphorus. All three sounded amazing, with more emphasis on vocals than previous releases yet still keeping the incredible breakdowns and intricate loops that Tall Ships used to first captured your heart.

Vessels ended with an a capella run through of the final refrain that the audience needed little encouragement to join in with. A slight pause followed as the band took in the loud and much deserved applause before the three piece threw themselves into a stunning rendition of Hit The Floor to end the show.

Tall Ships are mesmerising to watch, darting from haunting beautiful during the slower moments, with Rik’s swelling vocals floating over the complex and meticulous melodies, to heavy as sin as they launched into mind-blowing breakdowns, filled with so much passion, energy and intensity that you struggle to contain the urge to kick your friend in the shin, as a mere attempt to match what happened on stage.

Tall Ships are playing a few festivals over the summer including 2000 Trees and Y Not before they release their debut album in autumn.  Based on the five tracks that I’ve heard, it’s going to be a fucking incredible body of work and one that everyone should listen to. If you’re unaware of just how brilliant Tall Ships are then I suggest you get over to their bandcamp and get familiar with their back catalogue.


~ by justdip on 13/06/2012.

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