Doctrines – Climbing Yggdrasil (Everybody Loves Ray Kay)

Doctrines are an alternative band from Manchester, UK. Doctrines are gearing up to release their sophomore EP, Ze. Their first EP ‘O This Body Of Mine, I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime, is as elegantly crafted as the title suggests and is free through their bandcamp. That’s right. Zero pence.

Doctrines are a fantastic live act and they’re upcoming release, ZE, is a genuine musical adventure that captivates and enchants with aggression and finesse. It’s released on July 2nd 2012 through Alcopop records and is 19 minutes of unadulterated fucking awesome.

Doctrines have put up the first track from Ze as a free download on their Bandcamp. Climbing Yggdrasil (Everybody Loves Ray Kay) is a progressive stormer of a song. Melodic screams and raw vocals are spread over time signature bending loops and delicate melodies to create a shifting goliath of a song. As it ends, you’ll undoubtedly be left wanting to hear the next chapter in this musical tale. Climbing Yggdrail is aggresive yet beautiful which is an incredible achievement and Doctrines show such craft for creating wonderful music that I’m very excited to see what’s next for them.


~ by justdip on 21/06/2012.

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