Sucioperro – Pig Ravens

Sucioperro are a three piece band from Ayrshire who make disarming rock music.

Their fourth album, Fused, is scheduled for release on August 27th 2012 and you can preorder it now from their bandcamp, alongside a few packages including physical copies and T-Shirts. Preording means you’ll get the digital download three weeks before the general public, on August 8th. While you’re there, you should check out the Sucioperro back catalogue as you’ll be hard pushed to find a song that isn’t incredible.

‘Fused’ will be the first record released on the bands own independent label, Medals For Everyone, and everything from the artwork to the production has been done by the band, so It’ll be exciting to hear just where they’ve gone now there aren’t any rules.

The second glimpse into Fused, following on from the superb River Of Blood, is the stunning Pig Ravens. Launching straight into an assault of industrial heaviness and filthy bass riffs, Pig Ravens is a dark twisting song that is beautifully mental. Electro screechs offer some contrast to the constant steamroller of noise that Sucioperro create and JP Reids vocals take on a new role as they seem almost unhinged at times. The song builds towards the end before ending abruptly, offering a tantalising glimpse into what might possibly follow next. Pig Ravens along with the first track from Fused, River of Blood, are both brilliant and intriguing songs. I’m personally very eager to get my hands on Fused and see what else they’ve created.

Pig Raven


~ by justdip on 22/06/2012.

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