The 1975 – The City

The 1975 are a four piece band from Manchester who create delicious indie rock music.

The 1975 are keeping their cards close to their chest in regards to who they are, instead letting their music do all of their talking for them, even their Dirty Hit Records page has an elusive ‘Information coming soon…’ notice. In a world of celebrities and frontmen more interested in sunglasses than songs it’s a refreshing change.

Their debut EP Facedown is due for release on August 6th through Dirty Hit Records and the first single to be taken from it is The City.

The City is gorgeous. Opening with a beautifully constructed drum loop that builds the backbone of the song and vocals that really draw you into the heart of the song, The City captures the listener almost instantly and doesn’t let them go for the entirety of the song, through the electro waves and drum led crashes it’s a deep and complex song that still manages to be charming and catchy. I’m expecting great things when Facedown is finally released onto the world on August 6th.


~ by justdip on 26/06/2012.

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