Muse – Survival

Muse used to be one of my favourite bands but after years of disappointing setlists and lacklustre performances as well as a complete disregard towards their over zealous fanbase my love has waned to such apathetic levels that I wasn’t even tempted by their upcoming arena tour. Considering I’ve flown to three different countries in the past just for Muse shows, this is a startling turn of events. The ridiculous £60+ ticket price didn’t help matters either.

Zane Lowe premiered a new Muse track, Survival, tonight on his Radio 1 show. Survival is  the first glimpse into The Second Law recordings and after their album trailer threw the internet into turmoil with a brief electro drum and bass breakdown it’s interesting to see just where the Teignmouth trio have gone with these recording sessions.

Survival is the official Olympics song so will be heard a lot this summer. It’s available to download now and is a standalone single, so hopefully won’t be included on Muse’s sixth album, The Second Law which is due out in September.

Survival, for the most part, sounds like a bad Scissor Sisters song. An overdrawn and dreary piano prelude that get’s old before it starts leads into a pop led Queen rip off, without the pomp.  The lyrics leave a lot to be desired, for example. ‘Life’s a race and I’m going to win. Yes I’m going to win and I’ll light the fuse and I’ll never lose. I choose to survive. Whatever it takes. You won’t pull ahead, I’ll keep up the pace.’ They’re so middle of the road and distinctly average it’s painful.

The saving grace to Survival is the pretty awesome guitar riffs but when they’re backed by  unnecessary chattering gospel vocals they lose their sharp ballsy edge. Survival almost gets going with an angry call to arms but that angst soon fizzles out with a falsetto scream that’s tacked onto the end so live, Matt can do his best Freddie impression while desperately trying to be Bono.

Survival is no worse than I imagined, but when your expectations are that low it would be difficult to miss them. Here’s to the olympics ending.

Muse are playing the Olympics closing ceremony and are heading out on a European Tour throughout the Autumn.

If you’ve made it this far please click and listen to something new and exciting. There’s a world of wonderful music out there and it could do with your support.


~ by justdip on 27/06/2012.

2 Responses to “Muse – Survival”

  1. Maybe if you stopped being such a pretencious twat who mind is narrower than a pencil, you’d enjoy songs for their artistic merit and powerful sound.

    Not just listening to them because no one else except other toff heads are listening to them.

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