Fixtures – Common Courtesy

Fixtures are an alternative rock band from Bath, UK who are undoubtedly one of my favourite new bands.

Fixtures first release came in the form of the Willow EP back in November 2011 and they’re now following that up with another EP, Shades which is due out on July 9th. As a taster for the release Fixtures have released the song Common Courtesy. You can get Common Courtesy right now, for free, from their bandcamp. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I spoke to Fixtures for Undersong and you can read the resulting interview here.

Common Courtesy starts off with an angelic organ backing heavenly vocals before stuttering guitars and juddering drums force the track to life. The track calmly loops and transfixes before Fixtures launch into a breakdown that is absolutely mental with a wildly layered and unhinged electro noise explosion that forms a bridge to a more vicious and uptempo conclusion to the song. Common Courtesy is a genius track and Fixtures just get better and better with every release. Shades is going to be amazing.


~ by justdip on 28/06/2012.

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