Devlin – Watchtower

Devlin is a grime MC from london whose ferocious delivery and relevant lyrics mean he’s fast becoming one of the countries elite.

Devlin’s last  album, Bud Sweat and Beers, is incredible; matching passionate delivery and unmatchable flow with topical and intelligent wordplay. Devlin recently released ‘The Director Cut’ EP for free through his website and it seems the bar he set with Bud, Sweat and Beers is merely the yardstick for his latest work.

Devlin’s new album, A Moving Picture, is scheduled for release on 29th October 2012. The first single to be taken from A Moving Picture is Watchtower, which is produced by Labrinth and features the vocal talents of Devlin’s old friend and collaborator Ed Sheeran. Watchtower is released on August 19th 2012.

Watchtower is more a reimagining of The Jimi Hendrix Experience classic, All Along The Watchtower, than your standard sample led song. Ed Sheeran sings the original Bob Dylan lyrics while the dirty bass beats are constantly fighting against the classic Rock and Roll riffs. Devlin’s verses are as powerful as ever, full of bite and spat out rather than sung. The riffs are, of course,  timeless but have been given a breath of fresh air by forcing them against the vicious beats that provide the perfect backing for Devlin’s flow. It’s a tribute to the young rapper that his lyrics and delivery not only stand up against such a classic piece of music but steal the focus from is. Sheeran adopts a more direct and punchy vocal style for the chorus than his usual dreamy and elongated singing. It works well though and he excels in complimenting Devlin’s style and adding another element of brilliance to Watchtower. It’s an absolute mental combination but it works so unbelievably well. It certainly is an explosive way to push your way back into people’s consciousness and I can’t wait to see what else Devlin has in store for us on A Moving Picture.



~ by justdip on 04/07/2012.

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