Hold Your Horse Is – The Exit

Hold Your Horse Is are an alternative band from London whose furious and vibrant music is incredible.  High octane and packing punch after punch, Hold Your Horse Is make songs that force themselves to the forefront and gladly so. They’re brilliant

Hold you Horse Is announced details of their debut album recently, It’s called Frimley and will be released on August 6th 2012. You can purchase a digital copy that day or you can preorder yourself a delightful physical copy through their shop but hurry, they’re limited to just 100 copies.

Hold Your Horse Is are playing a show on September 15th 2012 at Brighton’s Hydrant alongside Freeze The Atlantic and Gunning For Tamar. It’s a fantastic lineup so if you can make it, do.

The Exit is the second song to be taken from Frimley. Pounding drums and ferocious guitars provide a constant musical onslaught while the vocals attack from the other side. It’s ballsy, energetic and incredible. Riffs casually throw you against a wall and the expansive basslines will keep you pinned there while Hold Your Horse Is shout in your face. It’s vicious but fantastic.


~ by justdip on 10/07/2012.

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