Freeze The Atlantic – This Flight

Freeze The Atlantic are releasing their debut album, Speakeasy, On September 17th  2012 as well as giving away an album sampler with Rocksound magazine, which will be available at the start of August.  The first single to be taken from Speakeasy was Volcanoes and it sounds massive, so this album should be phenomenal.

Freeze The Atlantic are currently working on some tour dates for us lucky people but they’ve already announced a few shows including an album launch show on September 14th upstairs at London’s Garage and a Bad Math show at Brighton’s Pav Tav on September 15th. I highly recommend that you endeavour to attend one of those shows.

This Flight is a song that Freeze The Atlantic have recorded specially for their album teaser rocksound giveaway so you won’t be able to get in anywhere else, which will be a shame because it’s a fantastic song. The first thing you notice about This Flight is just how grand it all sounds. The drums rattle your very being, the guitars and bass are locked in a battle with intricate loops and riffs their offensive weapons while the vocals sweep and soar above the whole filthy affair. It’s incredible stuff. The final breakdown at the end is something very special indeed and if this is the calibre of songs that didn’t make the final album, then I nervously await to hear what did.


~ by justdip on 12/07/2012.

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