Cosmo Jarvis – Love This

Cosmo Jarvis is an amazing singer/songwriter from Devon, UK who also dabbles in film. He’s quirky, intelligent and works incredibly hard to constantly deliver media that’s inspired and of the highest quality.

Cosmo Jarvis has a new album out on July 23rd called Think Bigger and will be promoting this with a UK tour in November. Not all the details and dates have been announced yet, but it seems like he’ll be touring alongside Mad Dog McRea and will be definitely attending the London show at the Jazz Café on November 22nd. Having seen Cosmo a few times live I can tell you how endearing he is to watch and how much energy and passion he can convey through his songs. Cosmo Jarvis is fabulous and I’m glad that the first single from Think Bigger has been supported by Radio 1 and Huw Stevens.

Love This is an incredibly gorgeous song. It’s a simple track built atop very intricate and complex layers of instruments that makes it very easy to digest but ensures you keep coming back for more and more. Stuttered guitars back up the verses while a punchy drum loop leads the way for the choruses. The music falls into the background against Cosmo’s vocals though. Captivating and clear cut yet still driving across passion and heart it’s a brilliant track and I’m very excited to see what else Cosmo has to offer on his third album, Think Bigger.


~ by justdip on 13/07/2012.

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