Fighting With Wire – Waiting On A Way To Believe

Fighting With Wire are a three piece from Northern Ireand who make the most incredible rock music.

Fighting With Wire’s second album, Colonel Blood is set for release through Xtra Mile Records on 24th September 2012. The Fighting With Wire boys have just come off an extensive UK tour but with an album due out in a few months, I hope and expect they’ll be out playing again soon.

Waiting On A Way To Believe takes the bar set by album teaser Dead Memory and smashes it. Brutal riffs combined with raw and guttural singing means the track kicks off with a vicious intensity that is feed through the core of the song and relentlessly stomps around with arrogance and power. Waiting On A Way To Believe is a defined and crisp balls out rock song with throwbacks to the very best classics which means it’s impossible to dislike it. I’ve fallen in love with this track, and fallen hard. Waiting On A Way To Believe is out now through Xtra Mile so go and get it.


~ by justdip on 18/07/2012.

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