Justdip’s in depth and awesome review of the slightly more awesome 2000 Trees Festival 2012. Part 3/6

Part One. An Introduction-What is 2000 Trees and why should I care?

Part Two. Alcopop! – Gunning For Tamar/Freeze The Atlantic

Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Run, Walk! / Brontide

Part Four. Xtra Mile – Straight Lines / Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun / Ben Marwood / Future Of The Left.

Part Five. The Stragglers – The Computers/Gallows/Pulled Apart By Horses/ Maybeshewill.

Part Six. The Conclusion to conclude on the aforementioned things that may need a conclusion.

Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Run, Walk! / Brontide

Tall Ships are a Falmouth Trio who make the most intricate and delectable music.

Playing midway through the Thursday on the Cave, Tall Ships make it seem like a headline performance. Opening with old new single T=0 Tall Ships had the packed tent in the palm of their hands from the get go with pounding bass, furious drum movements and delicate guitar loops. They rattled through a fantastic set that featured the well known and the new with everything sounding brilliant and big. The complex live layering of various loops really gives the three piece vast depth and scope in their sound and gives way to a furious and bold stage presence as Tall Ships bounce around the stage and beyond.

The singalong to Vessels was loud and boisterous yet the respectful quiet during a rare outing of Ode To Ancestors displayed the respect that Tall Ships already command. New single Gallop sounded incredible and the furious finisher of Hit The Floor made you question whether the weekend had really already peaked at six o’clock on a Thursday.

Tall Ship’s debut album Everything Touching is released on 8th October 2012 though Big Scary Monster/Blood and Biscuits and second single Gallop is available now.

Three Trapped Tigers are an electronic instrumental band from London. They headlined the Thursday night at The Cave.

The first thing I noticed about Three Trapped Tigers is about just how accessible their music is. Come in at any point in a song and you’re instantly captivated by it. The loops that sound good on record sound incredible live, played with a more furious energy and creating an intense but enjoyable atmosphere.

I’ve never been one for instrumental bands really, as someone who relates more to lyrics I’ve always felt short changed by instrumental bands but this view was soon eradicated as Three Trapped Tigers put on a stunning hour long performance that was engaging, with a beautiful light display accompanying it. The nuances within the sound really came to the forefront in the live environment and even the most drawn out build ups were peppered with little changes and loops to keep everyone engaged. I’m really not sure what else to say about Three Trapped Tigers because I was too transfixed by their music to notice anything else. Three Trapped Tigers put on a stunning show and are definitely a band you need to dedicate some time to.

Run Walk! are a two piece band from London and their slot at The Cave on the Friday of 2000 Trees was the last time they’d be performing as Run Walk! as they ceased to be as soon as they left the stage.

It’s a strange precursor to a gig, knowing that the band you’re about to watch is on the very cusp of not existing but the atmosphere inside the tent was one of anticipation and a nervous energy seemed to crackle amongst the crowd. Run Walk! Kicked things off with a slow building instrumental track that fed off the energy in the room before exploding into a furious ball of buoyant celebration. Run Walk!, it seemed, were determined to go out with a bang.

I’ve seen Run Walk! live a few times before and they’ve always had a chaotic charm about them, but at 2000 Trees they were just incredible. Their screaming vocals and clattering of drums underpinned by very melodic and fragile bass lines makes for an interesting listen and one that really came to life in that tent, their sound bouncing back off the walls to create a very solid noise. Taking brief breaks from the onslaught the duo thanked everyone for supporting them, for taking the time to come and see them and reminding them that their first and final album was released on Monday. They then powered through one final song, showcasing how just how in sync the two of them could as time signatures relented to the madness on stage, they hugged and left.

The untimely end of Run Walk was a fantastic live experience and they finished on a high. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from these two. Run Walk!’s album Health is available from Holy Roar records now.

Brontide are another instrumental band from the UK who played The Cave on Saturday. I didn’t really know Brontide before witnessing them live but I was quickly shaken about to loving what these guys create.

Brontide put on an epic show, the synchronicity between the three of them was unbelievably good, with all three members playing complex lines at different times and speeds but all slotting together to create a rich and textured wall of noise. The drop in Matador on record is gorgeous yet live it’s pushed and pulled to the next degree and when it happened, the whole tent shuddered with gleeful enjoyment. The reaction that Brontide got was unbelievable yet deserved as uninhibited applause swiftly followed the ending of every vast and ambitious creation, and the guys in Brontide seemed touched by this level of admiration. After they finished I had to go and clear my head to try and make sense of what I’d just experienced. It was one of those concerts where you witness something so special and so sublime that you need to take some time to absorb it, but wow. What an incredible live band.




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  1. […] Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Brontide / Run, Walk! […]

  2. […] Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Brontide / Run, Walk! […]

  3. […] Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Brontide / Run, Walk! […]

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