Justdip’s in depth and awesome review of the slightly more awesome 2000 Trees Festival 2012. Part 5/6

Part One. An Introduction-What is 2000 Trees and why should I care?

Part Two. Alco pop! – Gunning For Tamar/Freeze The Atlantic

Part Three. Pink Mist – Tall Ships / Three Trapped Tigers / Brontide / Run, Walk!

Part Four. Xtra Mile – Straight Lines / Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun / Ben Marwood / Future Of The Left.

Part Five. The Stragglers – The Computers/Gallows/Pulled Apart By Horses/ Maybeshewill.

Part Six. The Conclusion to conclude on the aforementioned things that may need a conclusion.

Part Five. The Stragglers – The Computers/Gallows/Pulled Apart By Horses/ Maybeshewill.

The Computers are a rock and roll band from Exeter who take elements of Punk, Hardcore and Blues, merge them all together and create a vicious cocktail of noise and energy.

The Computers played The Cave on Friday and put on an incredible live show. Dressed all in white suits it was clear that there was going to be some contention between the suits and the mud. Taking to the stage The Computers exploded into a furious and high octance live force, heavy bass and pounding drums set the pace while the riff heavy guitars controlled the chaos that the front half of the tent had become. It didn’t take long for lead singer Alex to leave the stage and get down on the barrier to grab a slice of the madness, and he barely returned to the stage for the remainder of the set as he sang and played guitar while atop of the audience.

While their lead singer rode about on top of the swelling crowd the remainder of the band stayed incredibly tight, playing with an incensed energy and still managed to emit a strong presence despite their main source being lost in the crowd.

Throaty vocals and heavy riffs coupled with pace and something to say, The Computers make intelligent rock music and are a real force in the live arena. Their set drew heavily from debut album This Is The Computers but they also managed to squeeze in a portion of Surfin’ Bird during Rhythm Revue and create a muddy wall of death. When Alex finally returned to the stage to thank the baying audience for an amazing show he looked like one of us; beaten, muddy, exhausted but beaming.

Gallows are a punk band from Watford, UK who make angry music with a message. Having recently gone through a change in frontmen Gallows have a lot to prove tonight, especially the American Wade MacNeil who has taken over from Frank Carter, a frontman famed for his intensity and ability to deliver a belter of a live show.

Gallows started off strongly but after the first song Wade walked off stage saying he wasn’t feeling it tonight. An uneasy calm took control of The Cave as the remainder of the band carried on playing but the audience were left taken aback and confused. However, what came next was a masterstroke of crowd interaction. Wade bounded back onstage covered in mud. Now, I’m not talking a splattering, it was a literal head to toe covering, wiping the mud from his eyes, declaring that he now felt better and bouncing around the stage his reappearance buoyed the crowd’s spirits and from that moment he had the packed Cave in the palms of his muddy,muddy hands.

Gallows played with intensity and fury as they powered through a set that contained all the older Frank-Era classics, given a new lease of life through Wade’s vocals.  The voice may have changed but the heavy bass, the angry riffs and crashing drums still come together to create a solid wall of sound that sounds massive and when played with the passion that Gallows put out, it transforms into something very personal, yet very accessible.

Wade MacNeil gels very well in Gallows so it’ll be interesting to see what they create for their upcoming self titled release, a release I’m much more excited for after seeing them live.

Pulled Apart By Horses are an incredible rock band from Leeds who make energetic, ballsy music that straddles contemporary rock and hardcore.

I’ve seen Pulled Apart By Horses many times over the past few years and every time they manage to put on a better live show, and considering they were fantastic the first time I saw them, this is no mean feat.

Fridays headline performance at The Cave is no exception. While many bands play with intensity and an underlying seriousness, Pulled Apart By Horses command the stage with the sole purpose of having fun. Riff after riff after riff were casually thrown out from the four piece as they blasted through a set that drew both from their self titled debut and Tough Love. The hour long set flew by and included a dance pit instead of the normal circle for High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive which was met with equal vigour and participation. The breakdowns were incredible, building and imploding under the sheer scale of sound that Pulled Apart By Horses were creating on stage. They bounded around the stage, climbed monitors and threw themselves around like it was the final night of the tour.

If this set was a taster of the phenomenal live show that we can expect from their November tour, then anyone with a ticket is in for a treat and anyone without should fucking buy one.

Maybeshewill are an instrumental band from Leicester who create delicate and soaring music. They stepped in to replace Rosa Valle on the Saturday at the Cave after an apparent stormingly great set on the mainstage the day before.

Having never heard Maybeshewill I wasn’t planning on seeing them, however I was drawn into the tent after hearing the beautiful music emitting from it and I’m glad I did. There wasn’t much in the way of movement on stage, but the complex and gorgeous music that Maybeshewill created was more then captivating enough.

Sweeping loops and intricate movements came together to build a soundscape that managed to jump between massive and minute and back again with ease. Rich and textured, Maybeshewill create endearing music that washed over everyone inside the tent and enchanted them. The reaction Maybeshewill got was incredible and the band seem genuinely taken aback by the outpouring of vocal support from the audience.


Part six.


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