Biffy Clyro – Stingin’ Belle

Biffy Clyro are a trio from Ayrshire, Scotland who make stadium scale rock music with an alternative twist that exploits time signatures alongside breakneck riffs and intelligent, insightful lyrics.

Biffy Clyro have released 5 studio albums and are currently finishing up their 6th. A double album entitled ‘Opposites’ which is due for release on January 28th 2013. It’s an important album for Biffy Clyro as it could either push them up to bona fide festival headliners or earmark a gradual slide from grace with the knowledge that their best is behind them. Fortunately, based on the five songs I’ve heard from Opposites; I’m Probably In Your Pocket, Sounds Like Balloons, The Joke’s On Us, Modern Magic Formula and latest teaser, Stingin’ Belle it looks like it’s going to be a masterpiece of outlandish and alternative while still maintaining accessibility.

Stingin’ Belle opens with an abrasive and powerful breakdown before calming down to allow Simon Neil’s distinctive vocals to course over the top of the track. Stingin’ Belle seems to be more roguish  than a majority of their previous major label’s singles and that’s gorgeous. Wonderful breakdowns flow and ebb in between glimmers of calm. Grandiose choruses and the frantic energy are signature Biffy but appear under a different guise on Stingin’ Belle, one that is more self assured and cocky. This confidence can be felt throughout the track, from the bagpipe laden outro to the free flowing lyrics, unencumbered with over analysis or particular force they seem to just roll off the tongue of Simon and instantly resonate with the listener with even more endearing charm then previously possible.

Biffy are definitely swaggering back into your lives and they’re bringing ,what appears to be,  a gargantuan record with them.

Stingin’ Belle is out on September 17th but you can stream it now, either through the Biffy Clyro website or on Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record blog.


~ by justdip on 31/07/2012.

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  1. […] sneak peaks, Stingin’ Belle and Sounds Like Balloons, should have already given you an idea about where the scottish trio are […]

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