Fixtures – Samson

Fixtures are a four piece band from Bristol who created glorious math infused indie rock.

Fixtures recently released their brilliant brand new EP, Shades which stands proudly alongside their growing back catalogue of fantastic and beautiful releases, Common Courtesy and The Willow EP, both of which you can get for free from their bandcamp.

Shades is a flawless release that captivates and intrigues and album closer Samson has been given a visual aid in which to partner it. The video for Samson was unveiled on August 4th 2012 and you can buy Samson, along with the rest of Shades right now.

Samson is an epic, atmospheric and gorgeous ode to angst. The six minute track builds walls of noise and then tears them down with complex, furious breakdowns. The track darts between calm and collected to crazed and vicious while staying well within the realms of the sublime. Samson sounds huge yet has been carefully constructed using intricate nuances and subtle shifts that lay the foundations for the soaring changes that crash above you.

Watch the video below and then buy the EP. It’s rare for a band to release such polished and well crafted music that’s both intelligent and relatable this early in their career and Fixtures are definitely a band poised to explode.


~ by justdip on 04/08/2012.

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