Nina Nesbitt – Boy

Nina Nesbitt is a Scottish/Swedish Singer/Songwriter who writes honest, upbeat and hook led pop tales.

Nina Nesbitt first came into the spotlight with the brilliant Apple Tree EP, the lead single of which garnered a healthy slice of Radio 1 airplay. Since its release Nina Nesbitt’s popularity has been on the increase as evident from the ever growing venues and dates that she’s been touring. Her latest tour is set to take place this October in support of the lead single, from her as of yet untitled debut album, Boy.

Boy is a departure from Nina’s previous material; her soaring voice is still at the forefront of the track, but instead of the standard acoustic backdrop, Boy has a punchy, sweeping electronic infused melody running behind it, juxtaposing the rhythmic acoustic guitar that floats throughout the track. Nina’s voice is also pushed into unexplored territory with fantastic results, dynamic and captivating it swirls and dances before crashing down around you with precision and heart. As a taster for a full length album, Boy is a very exciting prospect.

Boy is released on September 9th and dates for Nina Nesbitt’s UK headline tour can be found here.

I interviewed Nina Nesbitt a while ago for Undersong which you can read, if you fancy it.


~ by justdip on 31/08/2012.

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