Album Review: Sucioperro – Fused

Sucioperro are a three piece rock band from Ayrshire who have just released their fabulous fourth album, Fused.  Going against the grain of Scottish bands making chorus led, anthemic songs, Fused is a virtuous riot of an album, that’s unrelenting and unforgiving as each track delivers heavy hitting, bold and invigorating music that reverberates within your very being.

Fused is the first release through Sucioperro’s own Medals For Everyone record label and is a confident foray that’s frantic and calculated throughout.  ‘Wolves’ is a furious punchy affair that judders along with the clear direction of looping drums and stuttering guitars that draws attention to the ever present pace that is threaded throughout Fused. Clocking in at just shy of half an hour, Fused burns through eleven tracks and doesn’t waste a second on the unnecessary. This is the sound of self-assurance and defined purposes as every second is put to full effect, from blistering anger through tension building moments of apparent calm and back again.

‘Rabbits In Boxes’ does its best, along with ‘Mein Kliene Taube’, to hold back the visceral brutality that ebbs across Fused but instead of offering a respite, they only succeed in portraying a transparent calm that’s refrained yet crouched, the danger of another descent into the carnage that ‘A River Of Blood’ or ‘Pig Ravens’ welcome, ever present. Dreamy and meandering, ‘Rabbits In Boxes’ flows with dainty elegance before a final drum driven swell concludes the tense eye in the maddening storm that is Fused.

This release constantly surprises and disarms as industrial bass and filthy guitar riffs make way for electronic groove or morph into distorted vocal screechs. ‘Where At Dat Wild At’ is an intriguing, upbeat track with a shadow of dance infused beats stalking its every move.  Elongated keys contrast with the pacey drums and force the vocals of JP Reid to twist and bend while being forced to maintain the velocity that ‘Where At Dat Wild’ demands.

The vocals throughout Fused are a real masterstroke; Twisted and droning one moment, soaring and captivating the next. JP Reid’s delivery and the effects that warp them offer an atmospheric and powerful tool in creating the deranged and dangerous mood that Fused carries. Pushing the outer boundaries of what his voice can do, JP Reid bounces between haunting and unhinged, sometimes in the same breath. The cataclysmic coming together of the instrumentals merely lay the foundations on which the vocals can build upon, offering depth and stretching the range of Sucioperro’s reach to glorious ends.

Fused is a dangerous album, hiding a powerhouse of angst it remains constantly unpredictable and shocking for its duration. Dark and distorted, Fused swerves and deviates but consistently floors with incredible breakdowns and frantic riffs that are nonchalantly delivered with style and finesse. Sucioperro have delivered an amazing album with Fused, one that I highly recommend you get in your life. The chaotic beauty is endearing and the caliginous overtones will keep you coming back. The initial impactful punches that are felt on first listen don’t lessen with repeated plays and the bewildering shifts in mood continue to startle long after ‘You Should Get Some Sleep’ fades out and the inevitable replay begins.

Sucioperro are heading out on an extensive UK this autumn with a range of supports including the superb Hawk Eyes and the incredible Freeze The Atlantic. All the dates can be found here.


~ by justdip on 03/09/2012.

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