Olympians – It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship

Olympians are a wonderful four-piece band who sit betwixt London and Norwich creating heavenly, synth led, genre skipping, hook heavy nuggets of musical goodness.

The impending release of It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship on Monday 10th September means that Olympians are now three quarters of the way through their literature based singles club. This subscription led service means that Olympians can deliver their infectious, glorious noise to you, while it’s still warm. For only ten English pounds you get physical copies of all four Olympians singles, a snazzy poster and a hollowed out book in which to keep the CDs in, as well as a plethora of digital delights. For a limited time you also get free postage, making this deal that little bit sweeter. So subscribe today and catch up on the past nine months while ensuring you don’t miss out on the final chapter.

It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship opens with a meandering and melodic twinkling before the soaring vocals slide into focus, layered delicately upon themselves they provide a resonating central point throughout. A fluid, chopping backdrop ebbs around the lofty vocals while spikey and jarring breakdowns chip away at the steady, math infused foundations. It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship builds upon this unpredictability with aplomb and thus the song concludes as a vast and confident swirling beast; intricate nuances duck and dance and the once delicate melody picks up pace and swagger. It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship is the most defined and clear cut that Olympians have sounded and with whisperings of an album as well as single number four in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time to be an Olympians fan.

It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship is released on September 10th 2012 through Barely Regal Records. You can get it as a standalone single, or buy into the singles club. However you go about it, make sure you buy this song.

Subscribe here.

Read an Interview here.


~ by justdip on 07/09/2012.

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