EP. Proxies – Lost Tapes Volume Two: Deadweight

Proxies are slowly but surely creating an extremely solid and exciting catalogue of music; starting with the single, ‘If I Had A Penny To My Name’ and following that with two intricate and well-rounded EPs. ‘Lost Tapes Volume One’ was released in June with Lost Tapes Volume Two: Deadweight getting unveiled on Friday 6th September 2012. It seems Proxies just keep getting bigger and bolder. The Lost Tapes were originally envisaged as a collection of demos but after hearing the results, the term ‘demo’ didn’t do the songs justice so after polishing and tweaking they were given away as free downloads. Lost Tapes Volume 2: Deadweight is just as crisp and clear cut as previous releases and further pushes the Proxies brand into wider and more dangerous territory.

Lost Tapes Volume 2: Deadweight is a brooding and dark body of work that twists its away around you before slinking off to escape the crushing drops that frequent the EP. Five tracks spread over 19 minutes means that ‘Deadweight’ has little time to waste in stealing you away, and Proxies succeed in making you theirs with the bolshie strides and defined movements that litter ‘Deadweight’

Lost Tapes Volume Two opens with the haunting ‘Deadweight, Veritas’. Sultry vocals drift across a sea of electronic waves with a melancholic guitar loop piercing the heart of the track. It isn’t long before the electronics are crashing down around the song, with the vocals finding space to command the entirety of its being. The track implodes under its own scale, leaving ‘Trojan (Inside Your Chest)’ a blank canvas to imprint itself upon.

Trojan (Inside Your Chest) starts with a guitar hook that stays with us throughout the track. Building around it are fiery vocals and furious drums that give the track purpose and pace. Switching between bass heavy drops and the simple guitar with such nonchalance provides a nice edge and elevates the track from the good to the sublime.

‘Masquerade’ is the upbeat peak of Deadweight, providing a last chance platform of dance-fuelled optimism before the dark one-two that closes Lost Tapes Volume 2.  Starting mellow and subdued before ramping up the energy and keeping it at a relentless consistency, Masquerade is an instant hit. Catchy and energetic, it’s an absolute delight of a track and resonates straight away, proving that accessibility isn’t restricted to the repetitive or uninspired.

Ghoul changes the mood at once. Massive but self-deprecating, it reverberates as walls of solemn textures collide beneath the confident vocals that aim for your heart and find their mark.

Moving on from the aural assaults and instead focusing on a more emotional attack, ‘Strange Times’ follows on from where ‘Ghoul’ left off. Delicate and frail ‘Strange Times’ captivates and cradles before an electro jarring breakdown soars, carrying the intricate melody and vocal pairing to a lofty conclusion before abandoning them and ending  ‘Strange Times’ with a carefully pensive, spoken finale that’ll stalk your day.

Proxies have created another excellent EP with Volume 2 of their Lost Tapes. ‘Deadweight’ treads a fine line with the familiar and unique. The comparisons one could make to other bands are endless, however Proxies have a defined and singular sound that’s unlike anything else. It’s a genius and well-constructed sound that is difficult to oppose; polished and defined with a shadow of raw power. Seductive yet angsty, Deadweight is fantastic but it does leave you begging for a full-length release.

You can download both awe-inspiring volumes of Proxies’ Lost Tapes here.


~ by justdip on 08/09/2012.

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