Live. The Xcerts at The Borderline.

The Xcerts took over London’s Borderline on 13th September 2013 to celebrate Fake DIY’s Tenth Birthday in spectacular style. Support came from More Than Conquerors, Saul Goodman and Yearbook.

More Than Conquerors took to the stage and played with the poise and confidence of a more established band but with their incredible song writing justifying it all. It’s a live show that’s not to be missed, mixing big riffs with pop sensibilities and enduring charisma, More Than Conquerors are a delightful and exciting band, who deserve big things.

It’s great when a support act does its best to blow the headline act off the stage. It’s even better when the support act is the headliner. The Xcerts took to the stage under this new guise of Saul Goodman to blast through a four song setlist that indicated the direction in which album number three is heading. And fuck, does it sound great.

The four tracks, including Shaking in The Water and Teenage Lust, are still seeped in the familiar but with a more furious, confident swagger. Blistering breakdowns and uptempo refrains, new Xcerts sounds phenomenal and the abhorrent glee that the three members showed on stage goes some way to suggest that they’re satisfied with this vicious slant they’ve undertaken.

Yearbook are a band who only know how to write great songs with powerful hooks. The duration of their set was spent bouncing between unforgettable choruses and time-signature melding instrumentals. Yearbook know how to lead a crowd and their complex, absorbent blend of math infused indie and infectious hooks only furthers this command.

The Xcerts took to the stage to run through their wonderful second album, Scatterbrain. The performance acted as a stanch reminder of how fabulous Scatterbrain truly is, dark and twisting one moment, joyous and upbeat the next. There wasn’t a single moment during the set that the energy or enthusiasm dipped and a celebratory ambience was rife in the packed Borderline.

Live, The Xcerts cut an intense, brooding swathe but bubble with unrefined and dangerous energy that they release without a moments hesitation and in perfect symmetry.  The onstage chemistry is beautiful, and the years of being in one another’s company pays dividends, as the show is fluid, despite the rarely played tracks such as Lament or I Scare Easy demanding an airing.

The Xcerts are a refreshingly awesome band and as the Scatterbrain chapter of their career is finally drawn to a close, the future is very much there for the taking with the three of them poised to pounce upon it.


~ by justdip on 17/09/2012.

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