Album Review. Tall Ships – Everything Touching



Tall Ships – Everything Touching.

Released. October 8th 2012 through Big Scary Monster/Blood And Biscuits.

Tall Ships have cut a respected swathe through the UK’s alternative music scene during the past few years. Two illustrious and elegant EPs proudly boast an eclectic and diverse melding of musical prowess and pointed confidence while a succession of breathtakingly stunning live shows have cemented the technical flair and glorious charm of the band. The expectation that sits alongside Everything Touching is daunting however every promise is realised and the lofty expectancy met during the expansive twisting elegance that is Everything Touching

Tall Ship’s debut album, Everything Touching, treads a careful line, stylistically dancing between weighty crushes and serene calm yet delicately threading these dizzy steps together with the confident sheen of a band bubbling with pride, and rightly so.  The unencumbered, filthy riff that drives ‘T=0’ welcomes you with open arms to the aural masterpiece that is Everything Touching. Its looping bulk creates a refreshingly assured direction that hammers while vocals float above, turning in the gritty chaos below.

Recent Tall Ships live outings have been dotted with new tracks and the transition that has taken these from live to studio recording is yet another testament to the Tall Ships machine. ‘Phosphorescence’ marches to its own rolling beat, while delicate swells keep the energy buoyant and multiple vocal takes give it an intense depth as they clatter and collide. ‘Oscar’ is backed by a groove infused bassline while haunting vocals set upon a powerfully atmospheric setting before an electric climb reaches an impressive crescendo before beating a hasty retreat. Current single ‘Gallop’ is a frantic beast that pits soaring vocals against a distinctive powerhouse of a drum loop while intricate guitars and a subtle bass movement try to stem the growing surge of chaotic frenzy.

Tall Ships have stripped and rebuilt two classics from their back catalogue for Everything Touching, an occurrence that would border blasphemy if not for the upmost care and love that surrounds the upgrades and the fact the finished articles are awesome. ‘Ode To Ancestors’ echoes seductively, reverberating with a subdued passion and melancholic swagger that swoon beneath jarring punches and tinkering charm.  ‘Books’ now comes complete with a sweeping cinematic prelude in the form of the instrumental ‘Send News’ that segue nicely into the opening crashes of ‘Books’. Every moment has been carefully polished to make it gleam, the choral soundscapes that take the song into the realm of operatic epics, the droning loops that combine to make sweeping hooks and the volumetric drum movements that give ‘Books’ its calm frenetic energy and pulsating drive.

‘Best Ever’ fills itself with high octane pulses and snarling bite while toying with signatures before wrapping itself around you during a swaying respite then kicking in with another burst of levelling fury to create a track fuelled by hectic excellence yet still displaying real beauty. ‘Idolatry’ sits at the other end of the scale. Calm and gentile, ‘Idolatry’ builds with a self-indicative sense of want, glorious and beautiful it warmly caresses for its entirety before slipping away amidst a cacophony of electric quivers that leads perfectly into ‘Send News’ and ‘Books’.

The nine minute closer of Everything Touching could have easily of fallen into the realms of tasteless self indulgence or become a heaving mess, trapped by its own sense of self importance, but instead we’re treated to ‘Murmatations’. A rhythmic epic that gently rocks back and forth, gathering pace and momentum while building upon its own fantastic foundations with more layers of incredible. It manages to captivate and excite for the full five hundred and fifty three seconds of its being and it does a blistering job at providing an epic conclusion to an album that promised a lot and delivered more.

Tall Ships have managed to create a snapshot of themselves as one of the most interesting and exciting bands on the scene. Their unique sound, flawless delivery and undeniable talent have all lent themselves to building a brilliantly well-rounded album with depth and flow that’s varied and accessible. Every song is a self-contained masterpiece and as a body of work, Everything Touching is stunning.

Pre order the album from Tall Ships, Blood and Biscuits, or Big Scary Monster today.


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