Live. Straight Lines

Live. Straight Lines / Evarose / Summerlin

Straight Lines played Oxford’s Jericho Tavern on Thursday 11th October 2012 as part of an extensive UK tour in support of their wonderful second album, Freaks Like Us. Support came from the punky all-girl  Evarose and the snarling Summerlin.

Summerlin are part of a recent emergence of Leeds based bands whom create viciously loud and blistering rock music alongside the likes of Wet Nuns, Black Moth and Pulled Apart By Horses. Summerlin also continue the trend by backing up their ravaged recorded sound with an impressive and chaotic live show. Playing tracks from their debut album ‘You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire’, released April 16th 2012, Summerlin melded powerful riffs, crushing drums and heady bass with an excitable vocal delivery that paired biting singing alongside crunching screams.  Every member of Summerlin played with captivating passion and fury and their on stage presence conveyed an enthralling unity. Definitely a band to keep on the radar.

Evarose followed the carnage of Summerlin’s set with an unforgiving, yet pristine performance of their own. Playing the nearest thing to a hometown show that’s geographically possible, Evarose delved across their two EP back catalogue to produce a stunning set that was met with glorious appreciation from the swelling audience. Haunting and airy vocals fought their way inbetween gritty basslines and thundering drums, while careful guitar riffs underpinned the whole, rugged affair. On record Evarose balance a carefully clear cut, prickly sound but all that delicacy crumbles live and in its place unfurls a trembling rawness that sounds brutal but leaves space for the piercing beauty of the band to ebb through. A distinctive, dominant sound and a commanding stage presence lend themselves towards an impressive and rounded live show that falls heavily on the punk side of pop.

Straight Lines closed the evening with a vicious and poignant set that drew heavily from 2012’s ‘Freaks Like Us’ but also left space for the best of 2010’s ‘Persistence In This Game’.  Opening with a wall of distortion before launching into the powerfully delectable one-two of ‘Half Gone’ and ‘Freaks Like Us’, Straight  Lines provided the packed room with an explosive and pacey introduction to the Welsh four piece. An unrelenting and impassioned hour followed as Straight Lines burnt through their eleven song set with slick precision and stylised control.  The clear musical prowess of the band is backed by an exceptional abilty to craft hook laden and polished bursts of guitar led rock music that sounds huge on record but also transfers brilliantly to a live environment. Straight Lines have become a gargantuan force and one to be reckoned with.  Ending the evening with a scalding rendition of Commitments and the jarring ‘So Many Paths’, Straight Lines left the stage to a roar of applause and a reinforced reputation as a brilliant and enthralling live act.

‘Freaks Like Us’ is out now through Xtra Mile recordings. Straight Lines and Evarose play London’s Barfly alongside Yearbook on Monday 15th October 2012 before finishing up their tour in Cardiff the next day. If you’re in the area, get yourself down to a show.


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