Live. Tall Ships


Live. Tall Ships and Dad Rocks! at Brighton’s Haunt. 12th October 2012.

Tall Ships released their phenomenal debut album, Everything Touching, on October 8th 2012. (Review here.) In honour of this wondrous occasion, Tall Ships have undertaken a hefty UK/European tour. As part of this, Tall Ships played to a capacity crowd at Brighton’s Haunt on October 12th.  Support came from the delightful Dad Rocks!

Dad Rocks! is the stage name of Icelandic musician Snævar Albertsson who, along with his band, creates haunting and dreamy folk music. Tonight Dad Rocks! are a four piece and excel in emitting rolling waves of atmospheric, melodic folk that enchants the filling room. Lyrically Dad Rocks! cover all the bases; humour, observation, wit and intellect while the crisp delivery and soaring vocals help the set resonate with the audience. Sweeping waves of emotive backing comes courtesy of the chopping instruments, wielded by the band while the central dual vocals command and steer the set under their honest charm.

Tall Ships entered the stage to rapturous applause as the Jurassic Park theme music blasted through The Haunt’s PA system. The music and applause soon gave way to the brutality of T=0 which balanced the rawness of the bass and powerful fury of the drums against the sheer crispness of the vocals. An elongated scream of “Everything Touching” reverberated through the crowd and ignited a sense of celebration, one that held a more poignant handle with the admission that the band “never thought they’d get to this point.”

With a set drawing mainly from the recently released Everything Touching, Tall Ships still garnered an euphoric and vocal response at every turn. Best Ever was a charged and chaotic affair, while Oscar temporarily slowed proceedings down under crackling heartfelt cries. The stuttering beauty of Ode to Ancestors translates wonderfully live with an understated ragged appeal. Everything Touching was written under consideration of the live shows and this is hugely evident throughout the show as the precision and control that Tall Ships manage is awe-inspiring. Gallop is a wild clattering anthem and its swirling energy and pace means live, it’s a behemoth of a track, packing more of a bite than its recorded counterpart.

The Tall Ships classics still pack life after album as Chemistry and Vessels are both given an airing, performed with the renewed vigour and confident command of a band growing comfortable within themselves. The set closer of Murmurations was a simply glorious affair. Twisting and turning, it encapsulates the elegance and pristine beauty that Tall Ships create while still holding onto a rugged heart of insecurity. Live, Murmurations has a pacey shadow and every delicate nuance is magnified and shaped to create a considered, punchy conclusion to the set.  After such a glorious and mutually enjoyable evening, Tall Ships weren’t going to let it end it there. A one-song encore of Hit The Floor brought the show to a chaotic and blistering finish as the room erupted in a spirited cacophony of rampaging joy with the unrelenting energy that Tall Ships performed under met and reciprocated by the baying crowd.

Tall Ships have matched their stunning album with a fantastic understanding of their live show; amplifying the bite and allowing the emotive twangs to run away with themselves while still cutting a commanding shape through the aural clattering. The vocals have never sounded crisper or capable of more allure and the walls of crashing sound never grander. Across every aspect, Tall Ships are a band that you need in your life. Get the album, get to a show, and get in love.


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