Mikill Pane – Dirty Rider

Mikill Pane is a London based MC whose incredible ability as a wordsmith alongside a stylised and exuberant vocal delivery has singled him out as one of the most exciting forces in an already bustling UK hip-hop scene.

Mikill Pane’s debut album, Blame Miss Barclay, has been pushed back until early 2013 but in the meantime we can get excited about an EP due out on November 5th 2012. The EP is ‘mainly punky, with a drum & bass remix and a 90s hip-hop number that features Rizzle Kicks.” It’s set to act as a taster for the upcoming full length release but also as Mikill Pane’s major label debut. No matter the artist, the first release on a major label is always a nerve wracking affair due to the increased outside influence surrounding the artist in question. As a fan, there’s always a worry that the label will get rid of all that you love about an artist in a bid to appeal to a a more mainstream market. ‘Dirty Rider’, the lead single from the EP, received its first radio play last night and instantly abolished all fears.

Dirty Rider is a bouncing, gritty number that flows with such pure direction that its infectious quality is undeniable. Climbing and packing pace, Dirty Rider bubbles with energy, restrained under the powerful vocal delivery of Mikill Pane, giving the track lift but also a feeling of tension, which really captivates.

After a string of incredible vocal collaborations, Mikill Pane takes on Dirty Rider by himself and does so with poise and brilliance. The flowing verses are as ingenious as they are absorbing and the sung choruses are inclusive and energetic. Dirty Rider is an absolutely fantastic track and should really get you excited for all that’s to come from Mikill Pane.


~ by justdip on 18/10/2012.

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