Live. Sucioperro.

Live. Sucioperro / Freeze The Atlantic / Make Sparks at London’s Borderline. 24th October 2012.

Sucioperro played The London Borderline on 24th October 2012 as part of a national tour in support of self released 4th album, Fused. Support came from Glasgow’s Make Sparks and Alcopop’s Freeze The Atlantic.

Make Sparks are a Scottish three piece whose elegant and tempo kicking indie doused pop music was delivered with exuberant technical mastery and was received with equalling respect and admiration from the steadily filling room. A pulsating clashing of drums and bass provided the steady backing for the agitated jittering of the guitar, while gliding vocals escalated and turned inside one another. Showcasing tracks from their fantastic debut EP, Parts Of The Masquerade, Makes Spark played with the assurance of a group bound together through a vigorous tour schedule and the heart of a band with a deep-seated love for their game.

Freeze The Atlantic were up next and packed their fantastically massive sound around the venue. The five piece, including members of Reuben and Hundred Reasons, played with refreshing fury led by recently appointed front man Liv Puente. Melodic and grandiose, Freeze The Atlantic make cleverly accessible rock music underpinned by broad, masterful strokes of complexity and live this transforms into a rugged beastly collection of dizzying, reaching genius.  While pristine on record, Freeze The Atlantic twist their anthemic and well-crafted songs live to give them a raw and unforgiving edge that’s further amplified by Liv’s unrelenting and vicious delivery. Their debut album, Speakeasy, is a phenomenal album that sounds gorgeous and oozes polish, they manage to build upon this in the flesh though, with every guitar reaching lofty heights, each bass packing more of a punch and each ferocious drum movement reverberating around your very being. With plans to record in 2013 and to capture more of their live essence, the future of Freeze The Atlantic is paved with excitement.

Sucioperro skulked onstage and without a moments pause, launched full throttle into River Of Blood and for the next hour attacked the stage with inexorable pace and snarling bite.

The Ayrshire trio, bulked up to a quintet for live commitments with additional guitars , percussion and keys, created gargantuan walls of sound that stretched out and filled every inch of the baying room. Every crushing breakdown was monstrous while every vocal peak was layered with aggressive screams and blistering reverberations.

The set drew heavily from Fused, giving both the band and the audience a refreshed energy that caused frenetic delivery and reception. Pig Ravens crushed while Rabbits In Boxes was idyllically bleak. The swift one-two of Where At Dat Wild At and Wolves proved to be an explosive combination as the electro swagger swept from the stage and obliterated all in its path.  What A Fucking Chump and To Nothing inspired mass crowd participation, proving that buried beneath the angsty exterior of Fused, lays an anthemic and accessible masterpiece.

A condensed history of Sucioperro was also given public airing with select tracks from across the back catalogue getting a boisterous and powerful fun through, Hate Filters turned into a clattering epic and Mum’s Bad Punk Music prickled with refrained energy until the jarringly swift conclusion. A rare airing of Dialog On The 2 gave a show a unique twist as its pulsating charm and punchy vocals were given renewed passion and poise.

Hooligan mainly provided the keys and additional percussion but also spent a heavy chunk of the show bouncing around the stage, screaming through a megaphone or diving into the crowd enticing chaotic crowd reactions that culminated with a stage invasion during The Final Confessions Of Mabel Stark. This lively and bubbling stage presence contrasted beautifully with the intense figures that the rest of the band cut, allowing them freedom to focus completely on the complex builds and breaks that oozed out.

A sincere thanks from the entire band about supporting independent music was an honest and raw reminder that Sucioperro aren’t a band in the game for the money, but because they love it. Latest release Fused is a masterpiece of aggressive beauty and gorgeous brutality that sits proudly amongst their diverse and wonderful back catalogue. Live Sucioperro build on the ground they cover on record with rapacious glee and deliver a viciously flooring live show that’s decadently brilliant.

Get the album and get praying there’s a second leg to the Fused tour in 2013.


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