Review. Candy Hearts – The Best Ways To Disappear.

Candy Hearts – The Best Ways To Disappear.

Out now on Bridge 9 / Violently Happy.

The Best Ways To Disappear is the luxurious latest release from Candy Hearts. Super sweet and sporting a delectable coating of sugary fun, this six track EP is wonderfully delicious and guaranteed to not leave that weird, bitty taste of predictability in your mouth.

Boisterous and upbeat, The Best Ways To Disappear boasts a clever lyrical skew dealing with youthful naivety and poignant coming of age, all wrapped up with bubbling and joyful energy that shields the occasional self-conscious doubt. Often these elated celebrations of the tribulations of reality sound contrived or forced, but Candy Hearts effortlessly bend and twist to deliver a reassuringly classic sound that’s believable and bewitching.

Jubilance commands this record, taking the focus from the thinly veiled darker tones that lurk in the shadows of the EP, a combination that can be found at the base of My Chemical Romance’s feverish and worldwide appeal.  Appeal is one thing Candy Hearts have in thick swathes; go ahead, I dare you to not lose your heart to them.

From the crackling energy of Bad Idea to the swirling delight of Ticklish, Candy Hearts snowball under frenetic energy, sweeping you away with flawless charm and refreshing endearment. The softer, introspective Sick Of It reinforces the vulnerable fight that’s threaded throughout and delivers the crippling emotive finishing blow that Candy Hearts have threatened to land from the get go.

The Best Ways To Disappear is sure to have you telling Candy Hearts that “I Wuv You” long before February 14th rears its expectant head.


~ by justdip on 07/11/2012.

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