Live. Twin Atlantic.

Live. Twin Atlantic at Southampton Guildhall. Wednesday November 7th 2012.

Twin Atlantic played the Southampton Guildhall on November 7th 2012 as the penultimate date of a tour that was their victory lap of the UK, celebrating all that Free and the band had achieved.

When the tour was announced back in May, the venues seemed ambitious but with seven of the eleven dates selling out completely and the rest not far off, it’s evident that Twin Atlantic have become the band they’ve threatened to be since the get go.

Modern screenwriting theory supports a three-act rule and at the Southampton Guildhall, so did Twin Atlantic.

Time For You To Stand Up led the charge as an introverted opener that paved the way for an uneasy beginning for the Scottish four piece. Thrust into the mainstream, the first five songs of the set swayed the thinking that while Twin Atlantic may have learnt to walk before they’ve run, they’re yet to learn the swagger needed to effortlessly command a swelling venue.

The synchronised drop of the back canvas with the shudder of Human After All paved the way for the second act of The Twin Atlantic Show. Losing their inhibitions and opening themselves up to the energetic and impassioned crowd, the band coupled their indelible musical ability with real presence while twisting the show into an experience.

A delve into the archives for a pristine run through of A Guidance In Colour before a thumping version of Free bristled with jubilant implosion and united the crowd in a swirling cacophony of elated cries and skyward arms. This juddering finish to the main set, like all good blockbusters, foreshadowed the epic conclusion that was yet to come.

The swerving, breakneck exhilaration of Twin Atlantic’s finale had all the very best elements of the latest summer smash; The reassuring familiar, (a solo rendition of The Beatle’s Give Me All your Loving) brutal emotion, (Crash Land) and churning poignancy (Yes, I Was Drunk) all came before a rampant, blistering conclusion (Make A Beast Of Myself), complete with special effects. To bear witness to the dying minutes of Twin Atlantic’s headline show at Southampton Guildhall was very special. Seeing a relatively new band give so much and receive as much in return was beautiful and the sincerity in which the band attested to was endearing.

An over reliance on strobe lights did detract from the music and an unsure start did threaten to turn this marvellous feat into a flop, but fabulous music, fabulous energy and that finish made Twin Atlantic’s foray into larger venues a resounding success. To be continued? Definitely.



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  1. Mon the Twin!

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