Review. Mikill Pane – The Dirty Rider EP.


Mikill Pane – The Dirty Rider EP.

Out Now.

Perhaps the most fantastical thing about Mikill Pane is how easy he creates islands of consistent, genre melding noise that lead with their own definitive direction and sense of personality. From the electro jar of The Morris Dancer EP, the simmering pop sway of The Guinness  & Blackcurrant EP or the bold statement of intent that was Who Guess It, every one of his EPs has had it’s own identity that’s refreshed and surprised. The next stop on Mikill Pane’s unwavering march to success once again stands firmly apart from his impressive back catalogue whilst still delivering a classic and well-rounded sound.

The Dirty Rider EP is delivered under a gritty, brooding backdrop that compliments the darker aspects that run rife throughout. From the proud, hook laced opening to the rough and ready closer, The Dirty Rider EP shudders with a grungy aggression that infers new confidence from the gifted London MC. The lyrics throughout are littered with the same double entendres and thought-provoking wordplay that made a giant of Jay-Z, all delivered with the flawless style of someone taking this in their stride.

Dirty Rider is a swaggering, declaration of arrival that flows with assured enticement while Smashing Bricks channels the spirit of the now defunct The Streets atop electro pulses. The Craig Bang is unrelenting, tumbling with pace and taking advantage of the clear-cut sheen by stepping up the speed of delivery. The Calyx & Teebee remix of Dirty Rider infuses the punky original with a stuttering, bass-heavy electro shadow while the Rizzle Kicks collaboration, Work, concludes things with a rugged, swirling bounce that ends things as confidently as they began.

The Dirty Rider EP is a phenomenal piece of British hip-hop mastery. Acting as a transitional stopgap between the past and the future, it draws from the history of Mikill Pane while also providing a launch pad for his full-length debut, Blame Miss Barcaly, due June 2013. Mikill Pane has once again displayed an abundance of talent, striking out with a genre-melding masterpiece that sits with elegance and charming self in a busy yet thriving scene.

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