Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier.

July. That’s when Biffy Clyro first sauntered back into our lives, tantalising their return with Stingin’ Belle. Almost four months later and we’ve had little else to stanch our hunger; a handful of live shows, another teasing album cut, Sounds Like Balloons,  and the announcement of a UK tour set someway in the distance. We are starving.

That’s where Black Chandelier comes in, an actual real, bona fide single with physical copies, a release date and a healthy order of b-sides. Black Chandelier doesn’t rush with rapacious desire or sweep with poetic aesthetics, instead it honours both while striding forth wielding confident seduction and individual sway. Lyrically, Biffy Clyro once again push against their own constraints and boldly succeed in striking a balance between catchy and bizarre.

Biffy Clyro have always surprised at every turn and it seems they’ve finally achieved the impossible. To create rich and glorious music that appeals to the masses while keeping its spirit, sound and playful allure. So few bands ever deliver with as much consistency and quality as Biffy Clyro have and this trend looks set to continue through Opposites.

Black Chandelier is released on January 14th 2013 and is backed by The Rain, ThunderMonster, Milky and Many Of Horror (live From Rockness) across a variety of physical and digital formats. Opposites is released two weeks later.


~ by justdip on 19/11/2012.

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