Live. Pure Love

Live. Pure Love / Social Club at The Old Blue Last. Sunday 11th November 2012.

The Most Dangerous Band In The World. A title garnered by the original Guns N’ Roses in the late eighties/early nineties and today, one that befits Pure Love. Parallels between the two bands draw from volatile, unpredictable onstage appearances, unencumbered, inclusive lyrics, and the turning of conventional rock shows on their head. An iconic guitarist and a ginger frontman also have varying degrees of importance, but that’s neither here nor there. Pure Love make music in the same anthemic vein as Jimmy Eat World or The Gaslight Anthem, yet deliver it with the grit that made Gallows such a refreshing attack on the sense.

Taking an evening off from their tour opening for LostProphets, Pure Love played a free show at London’s Old Blue Last, inviting people down promising ‘The Rock n’ Roll show of the year.” They weren’t lying.

Social Club started the evening with an energetic rampage of indie-laden pop, performed under elegance and enchantment. Their dual EP releases are called For Drinking and For Dancing and offer two titles that capture the spirit and purpose of this London four piece perfectly. Bouncing around the stage while throwing some serious shapes, Social Club charged through their half-hour set with humour, commanding the crowd beside fervent grace while channelling the awkward indie charm of a glass half-full Weezer.

Three permanent musicians join the duo of Frank Carter and Jim Carroll, the creative forces behind Pure Love, for live dates, expanding and growing the band’s incredible sound. This glorious sound swelled and gravitated through the packed Old Blue Last. Hook laden and landing blow after blow of grand vehement crushings, Pure Love soared through an eight song set drawing from upcoming debut album Anthems, due out in the new year. While the band may be taking its first steps, the songs are fully formed and running, having taken shape while waiting in the sidelines.

The songs are phenomenal and the album is going to be one of those classic debuts that sits with timeless appeal, a la Appetite For Destruction or Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled, but shockingly the music sits second, laying the foundations for the chaotic extremes that stole the show. From the opener of She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me) to the penultimate Scared To Death, both Frank Carter and Jim Carroll make it clear that they intend to perform al fresco.

Often shows are described as chaotic but honestly, nothing comes close to the energy and frenzy that Pure Love coax. The physicality of the whole show provided the dangerous yet good-natured backbone. Crawling circle pits, people thrust skywards on strangers’ shoulders and both Frank and Jim clambering the length and breadth of the room atop the audience, taking little regard for personal safety. Amidst the madness Pure Love still sounded polished and in perfect time with one another. Handsome Devil’s Club and Bury My Bones got the biggest reaction during a night of huge responses. Closer, Riot Song saw the quintet up sticks and set up in the middle of the room, drums and all, and enticed an upbeat and buoyant uprising led by Mr. Carter, eventually held aloft by the baying crowd.

I’ve never been to a show like it. Every song was a glorious moment of elation, everyone in the room committed to the unpredictable bedlam that ensued and every single person had the time of their lives. Pure Love is the most dangerous band in the world right now, long may it continue.



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