Review. On No! Yoko – Sorrow EP


Review. Oh No! Yoko – Sorrow EP

Out now on Alcopop! Records.

Oh No! Yoko hail from the great white north and have gifted us with the flawless Sorrow EP, pure as snow and just as crisp.

The cold, instrumental opener, Sorrow, floats with dreamy care, twisting its way around you while blocking out everything else in the world as your focus becomes lost in the twitching height and atmospheric hook.

Mimi Ashi ignites the spark thats causal in the combustible waves of fiery, upbeat temperament that spread throughout The Sorrow EP. The jangly swings of guitars and trembling jumps of drums give Mimi Ashi an aura of classic math rock while the swaying vocals provide an edge of pop infusion thats catchy intricacies will seduce with ease. After a punching build up, Gerry soon spreads its warmth with a more subdued inferno of hammering leaps that bounce around under the skyward vocals with gleeful intent. A seamless sidestep into Sorrow (2) introduces us into a track that burns a path with all the astro-fury of a falling star. Interactions between the vocals and instrumentals give Sorrow (2) a crashing intensity, as they interrupt and overlap, washing you away with the charring excitement of it all.

Oh No Yoko! have crafted an EP of two distinct temperatures with Sorrow. The freezing abandon of the title track contrasts beautifully with the incandescence of Mimi Ashi and Gerry. The searing finisher of Sorrow (2) sparks with excitement before a swift finish leaves you poking the embers, desperate for more.

Buy the EP here.


~ by justdip on 22/11/2012.

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