Olympians – Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy)


Olympians – Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy)

Out Monday 3rd December 2012 on Barely Regal Records.

Final boarding call for the Olympians book club, calling at The Great Gatsby, Dictionary, It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship before arriving at Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy) where this singles club terminates.

All great things must come to an end and, as scheduled, The Olympians singles club is closing its doors after the release of fourth single, Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy). Leaving on a high is a terrible cliché to use at a time like this. Not only is it tired and lazy, but it also fails to express just how fantastic Everything’s Amazing is.

Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy) wraps warm arms around you while reassuring vocalalised harmonies climb over pulsating electro judders to comfort. Pinpoint accurate drums snipe at the heated brass to provide a warm underlay as strong lyrics question a glass half-empty existence.

Nova Scotia, its prelude and a rugged reworking of the A-side sit adjacent to the lead track to create a varied yet constantly brilliant collection of songs that contrasts with upmost compliance. Nova Scotia haunts with infectious sway after a prelude of exhaling assurance. Everything’s Amazing (Nobody Died) is a more jarring haste-laden escapade than (Nobody’s Happy). More unpredictable than its considered counterpart, (Nobody Died) is chaotic with a messy, punk edge but holds itself together with exuberant charm and relentless beauty.

Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy) is an incredible song and backed by some muscular B-sides, Olympians are leaving a lasting impression with their singles club.Work on their debut album as well as plans for some live rock shows ensures that while the singles club may be over, Olympians certainly aren’t.

You have until December 10th to sign up to the club, getting a year worth of musical presents in one single hit. I implore you to act swiftly and be a part of something truly marvelous.

Join the fun.

If you missed the deadline, don’t be sad. You can still download all the musical wizardry from their bandcamp. You can and you should.


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