Fixtures – Fairytale Of New York

Hey you. It’s Christmas. Tired classics get their yearly airing and people invariably mention it’s cold out. Well, Fixtures aren’t rushing around burning fossil fuels and tyres in a bit to cause localised global warming but they have taken one of the best Christmas songs and twisted it into a sultry, energetic beast of alternate glory.

Atmospheric chimes and breathy vocals ease you into the festive spirit before an unseasonal drone leads the bridge into the jangly, math-cut middle section. The clashing vocals drive the song while the layers of instrumentals provide the heady pace.  It all slows down into reflective, pensive moments of clarity before exploding in a shower of swaying passion and allure.

Fixtures have taken a Christmas staple and made it reflect the season itself; A slow climb of excitement preceding a torrent of excited outpourings before doubtfully reining it all in, only to lose your head in the moment once more. Many would call The Pogues, Fairytale Of New York the perfect Christmas song. I would argue that the Fixtures version is better. 


Fixtures are a fantastic band from Bath whose music sells them better than I could ever hope to. So check them out yeah? It is Christmas.




~ by justdip on 14/12/2012.

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