Review. Future Of The Left – Man Vs. Melody


6875251065_452d6a82d7_oFuture of The Left returned from their American excursion with a 5-track souvenir, Man Vs. Melody, which is out now on Xtra Mile.

Man Vs. Melody is Future Of The Left at the height of their snarling power. The expected vicious slant runs through the heart of the EP like a dagger but doesn’t strike with lumbering blows or blind-fury. Instead Future Of The Left is a more limber beast on this outing. Supple and nimble they deliver their considered outbursts in a flourish of lightening quick jabs that would best the mighty Daniel LaRusso. Future Of The Left is back and dangerous, having honed their menace with yoga instead of weights.

The Real Meaning Of Christmas is the closest Future Of The Left will get to recording a chunk of unadulterated pop. A joyous guitar melody grabs you by the wrist and skips with you through a field of untimely seasonal cheer while the vocals serenade with crystal diction and a sense of goodwill to all men. Well, until the final breakdown anyway. The melody twists away, knocking you tumbling down an incline, battering you with the furious crash of drums, angry at their own earlier restraint while the manic shouts taunt you for your earlier compliance.

Future Child Embarrassment Matrix is a jarring hailstorm of distorted punches that circles with threatening direction before another onslaught of stuttering abandon. Beautifully heavy and without caution, Future Child Embarrassment Matrix is a stark reminder of who you’re dealing with.  Johnny Borell Afterlife is a rolling juggernaut of unrelenting chaos with delicious hooks that will sweep you away under its bouncing roundhouse of bowing flexibility. This attack on ego is done without crass ceremony, there are no ringside seats or banners demanding a reaction, instead it just smirks with reckless assurance, already moving on with fluid bluster.

He Is Not A Hymn is an all-out war of filthy bass and palm-muting frenzy.  Chilling screams punctuate the oncoming storm, resting briefly in the eye before a cavalier second-wind decimates. Home Taping Is Killing Susan picks you up from the dusty wasteland that He Is Not A Hymn left you in with jubilant fever. Upbeat and unhinged, He Is Not A Hymn is bursting with confident strides, demented glory and an honest to god guitar solo. Gone is the brooding, sultry energy, replaced by a parade of the fantastic.

Man Vs. Melody shows just how diverse Future Of The Left can be. All five tracks have their own unique flavour and attack pattern, yet all are equally brilliant. It’s a breathtaking collection of songs that are bold and unrestrained but harbour intelligence and insight. The shock of the aggression has always been a stumbling block for some, but once the surprises passes you can really appreciate the witticisms and beauty of what Future Of The Left do. For older fans, Man Vs. Melody soundtracks their fluid growth; lyrically stronger, musically daring and more assured. For those yet to fall under their spell it marks a brilliant starting point, a crash course in their vibrant excellence. Future Of The Left is a band like no other. Put simply, buy this EP.

If you wish to purchase this EP, believe me you do, then simply click here.


~ by justdip on 14/12/2012.

2 Responses to “Review. Future Of The Left – Man Vs. Melody”

  1. Just bought this EP at their Clwb Ifor Bach show on 12/12/12. Both the gig and the EP are up there with my top happenings for this year.

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