Top Fifty Songs of 2012. (50-41)

Here it is folks. The list of songs that you’ve been waiting for. Join me everyday as I countdown the best fifty tracks of the year. Every single one is incredible and you should really check them all out. Rumour has it that you automatically get put on the nice list if you’ve heard them all.

50. Blink 182 – Boxing Day

Even stripped back to the bare musical bones, Blink 182 still manage to capture a (seasonal) moment in time, bolstered with youthful exuberance and refreshed energy. It’s exhibits a long-lost side to the punk veterans and is a promising foray into an unrestricted future.

Get it. Dogs Eating Dogs EP.

49. Black Moth – Blackbirds Fall

Filthy blues, sultry vocals and a swaying Newton’s cradle riff captures your attention while a stuttering breakdown stretches into your heart and lodges itself their. Incredible first single to be taken from the Leeds five-piece.

Get it. The Killing Jar

48. 2:54 – Creeping

Gloomy and brooding have never sounded so glorious. Swirling efflorescence atop stoney faced bleakness captures the dizzying juxtapositions that make 2:54 the uniquely exciting prospect that have spent 2012 stealing hearts.

Get it. 2:54

47. Charli XCX – You’re The One

The debut album from Charli XCX is currently fours years in the making. Fear not, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as a tentative release date is pencilled in at the start of 2013. If it features tracks half as astronomically fabulous as You’re The One, then we’re truly in for a treat.

Get it. You’re The One EP

46.Hawk Eyes – Witch Hunt

The opening track to Hawk Eyes incredible album, Ideas, is a hollering call to arms. Commanding vocals ride a surging wave of brutality. Unrelenting and snarling, Witch Hunt sets the scene for Hawk Eyes inevitable march to success

Get it. Ideas

45. Peace – California Daze.

Haunting melancholy strolls with intent as Peace’s indie pop pairing brings a refreshing twist to a tired genre. There’s already a substantial buzz around the Birmingham four-piece and it seems that Peace are poised to deliver.

Get it. Delicious EP

44. Gnarwolves – Community, Stability, Identity.

Riotous and upbeat reflections from the Brighton rabble. Ingenious drum patterns give Community, Stability, Identity a real edge while an impressive vocal range delivers Gnarwolves straight into the ‘must hear’ category.

Get it. CRU

43. Los Campesinos! – Tiptoe Through The True Bits

Tracklisting restrictions meant that this track failed to meet the final cut for 2011’s Hello Sadness, existing in limbo for a year before getting the green light via a free download. Generous layers judder and burst, creating a controlled explosion of atmosphere and passion.

Get it. Download from the Los Campesinos! Website.

42. Dog Is Dead – Glockenspiel Song

Littered with confident brass, this swirling, chaotic mess rides a chattering backing below arena size refrains. Glockenspiel Song gives us a glimpse into the grand and triumphant future that lay before them.

Get it. All Our Favourite Stories.

41. The Gaslight Anthem – ‘45’

The blue-collar rockers from New Jersey returned with their major label debut in 2012. Bursting back into the scene with anthemic sentiment and charming guttural howls, The Gaslight Anthem proved that despite the pressure of a major, they can still deliver heartfelt cheer.

Get it. Handwritten.


~ by justdip on 17/12/2012.

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