Top 50 songs of 2012. (40-31)

Bloomin’ ‘eck, those first 10 songs were ruddy excellent, weren’t they. I bet you’re wondering how it could possibly get any better. Well rest assured, it will.
So here’s the next chunk of musical excellence from the past 12 months. Enjoy.

40. Blitz Kids – Never Die

Defiant and brilliant, the title track to the latest Blitz Kids EP is bubbling with infectious charm. Britsh rock at it’s very best.

Get it. Never Die EP

39. Alt-J – Tesselate

The awkward electro-indie shudder of Alt-J has been one of the real success stories of 2012, and with songs as delicate, textured and captivating as Tesselate, it’s a success that’s well deserved.

Get it. An Awesome Wave

38.Tonight Alive – Breaking and Entering

The debut album from the Australian pop-punkers came with a heavy sense of expectancy that they easily shouldered. Full of boundless energy and youthful wit, it’s crammed with joyful tunes such as this belter.

Get it. What Are You So Scared Of?

37. Hot Glass – Erase My Mind

The second song from this Brighton based shoegaze project exhibits a realised promise. Atmospheric and glorious, it’s dreamy loops and clicking drum beat lodge themselves in your subconscious while pinpoint beauty and simmering refrain shudder with indelible hooks.

Get it. You can only stream it at the moment. 😦

36. Deftones – Swerve City

2012 saw yet another wonderful album from Deftones. Sounding like the world crashing down around them, Swerve City is a brutal, cacophony of renewed vigour and aggression. Simply fantastic.

Get it. Koi No Yokan

35. Green Day – Nuclear Family

Green Day’s trio of albums may have been an ambitious feat, but it did provide us with a plethora of old school punk charisma that proved there’s still life in the veterans yet.

Get it. Uno!

34. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

It’s been a fantastic year for two pieces. Japandroids have taken their gritty foundations and twisted them so they sound absolutely huge while maintaining their edgy bite.

Get it. Celebration Rock

33. Tubelord – This Is It

Perhaps the worst thing about this year is the impending death of Tubelord. These math-rock icons kickstarted my exploration down the backstreets of music and I’ll always look back at them with fondness and admiration. This parting shot is a tragic reminder of what we’re losing but comforts as their record of a flawless back catalogue remains intact.

Get it. Free Download.

32. Shiny Toy Guns – Somewhere To Hide

Back at fighting strength after another line-up shuffle, Shiny Toy Guns third album has been long overdue but received with open arms, Somewhere To Hide pushes their space-rock sound into new galaxies under the command of resounding vigour.

Get it. III

31. Hold Your Horse Is – Mumbler

There’s not been a shortage of riffs this year, but no one has managed to cram as many into an album as Hold your Horse Is managed on their debut. Each one cleverly crafted and expertly delivered. Their album is a deep and varied attack on the senses but considered with intelligence and passion. Absurd judders with subdued fury and the snarling confidence of a band marking their territory.

Get it. Frimley


~ by justdip on 18/12/2012.

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