Top 50 Songs Of 2012. (30-21)

So we enter the halfway stage of this countdown. Put any of these in a loved one’s stocking and give Santa a run for his money.

30. LostAlone – Love Will Eat You Alive

Mammothly Grandiose and superb, LostAlone channel the flamboyant spirit of the 80’s while keeping a razor sharp relevance with this snarling pout of a track.

Get it. I’m A UFO In This City

29. Devlin – (All Along The) Watchtower

Devlin combines his furious vocal delivery with a crooning Ed Sheeran chorus to produce one of the most surprising songs of the year. These conflicting styles sit comfortably atop a refreshed working of the Jimi Hendrix classic.

Get it. (All Along The) Watchtower EP

28. DZ Deathrays – Dollar Chills

Straight from down under, these Australian party punks have spent 2012 touring relentlessly in support of their fabulous debut album, Bloodstreams. Packed with heavy hitting punk infused chaos, Dollar Chills is jarringly brilliant.

Get it. Bloodstreams

27. Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier

Stingin’ Belle may have announced their comeback but the first actual single from Opposites is a glad return to form for Biffy Clyro. Dark and brooding but harbouring a polished hook, Black Chandelier is a tantalising tease of what 2013 holds for the Ayrshire trio.

Get it. You’ll have to wait until January 13th 2013 I’m afraid.

26. Pulled Apart By Horses – Blue Jeans

While their second album, Tough Love, may have chronicled their growth as a band, it’s this cover of the Lana Del Ray mega hit that gives us a peak into their future as arena bothering masters.

Get it. Tough Love Sessions

25. My First Tooth – Past Broadcasts

Classicly retro but cut with relevance, My First Tooth tread a fine line with the first single from their upcoming album. A whisper of folk against the screaming indie-pop shudders is simply gorgeous and decadently moreish.

Get it. Free Download or VHS cassette


Tubelord may be dead but frontman Jo Prendergast’s new electro project is a welcome breath of fresh air. Vibrant and boisterous, this jarring adventure in a madcap wonderland rattles with disregard and twirls chaotically under breezy vocals.

Get it. WE EP

23. Straight Lines – Commitments

Fantastically clever rock is hard to come by, but it’s what Straight Lines do best. Loaded with dynamite pop sensibilities but swinging a roundhouse kick of brute, rock force, Commitments is as damaging and it is catchy.

Get it. Freaks Like Us

22. Yearbook – Art Student

Like a falling comet, Art Student burns with gravity surrendering abandon and splintering chaos. Bright and shimmering, it’s cataclysmic illumination blazes a trail of altering genius.

Get it. Art Student single

21. Blood Red Shoes – Lost Kids

Sultry and brooding, Lost Kids captures a sense of anger and lashes out against it. Concussive and churning, Blood Red Shoes flow with subdued protest and twist out of the expected next step with fluttering poise and sparking flair.

Get it. In Time To Voices


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