Top 50 Songs of 2012. (20-11)

Top 20. Things are starting to get serious now and this is where the hard decisions start getting made. Every track is phenomenal and all the bands are really swell. So treat this like a big ol’ turkey on Christmas day and dive in. Forksa ready.

20. Wet Nuns – Throttle

This dirty, dirty track from the Sheffield two-piece captures everything that is wonderful about the band; Bluesy riffs, guttural vocals and an overwhelming sense of good times. The scope and depth of sound is an impressive feat considering it’s just the two of them. Watch out 2013, Wet Nuns are going to be all over you.

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19. Arcane Roots – Resolve

The first track from the new Arcane Roots album is a masterpiece of twinkling pushes and crushing shoves. The vocals soar while the instruments dive to give Resolve a heady sense of purpose and direction. Polished and considered this is Arcane Roots at their largest and most promising.

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18. My Chemical Romance – Boy Division

The scrapped follow up to The Black Parade got to see the light of day in 2012 through a series of vinyl releases. The first of which was Boy Division, a punk infused riot of relentless clattering and grabbing hooks. The question on everyone’s lips. Why the ruddy hell did something this good get binned?

Get it. Weapons – Number One.

17. Candy Hearts – Bad Idea

Candy Hearts reached a pinnacle of excellence with their The Best Ways To Disappear EP. Matching twee pop-punk with teenage angst may sound like a recipe for disaster but it’s a glorious combination that leads to delicious results. There’s a very good chance that this is the most moreish song that you’ll hear this year. Get ready to wear your repeat button out.

Get it. The Best Ways To Disappear EP

16. Gunning For Tamar – Dark Sky Tourism

Gunning For Tamar sweep you away with a furious divebomb of unapologetic bite, taking you to lofty heights with reckless abandon before a plateau of beauty and calm assures with reflect. This peace doesn’t last for long as dropping loops ramp up the pace and threaten once again, giving Dark Sky Tourism more than a whisper of dark fear.

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15. Proxies – Masquerade

A deceptive introduction lulls you into a false sense of relaxation before Proxies grab you by the throat and lead you down a twisting warren of electro pulses and vicious waves. Straddling the two sides of their sound, Masquerade lashes out with upbeat punches while maintaining a bleak shadow.

Get it. Lost Tapes Volume 2: Deadweight

14. Pure Love – Handsome Devils Club

The most dangerous band in rock attack with refreshing aggression on their first single. Built around a jubilant explosion, Handsome Devils Club is a kicking blend of punk heart and pop supremacy to create a classic rock cocktail of soul and fury. Taken from their upcoming album, Anthems. Sing it loud and sing it proud.

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13. Future Of The Left – Johnny Borrell Afterlife

The Plot Against Common Sense is an incredible album, but it’s with their Man Vs. Melody EP that Future Of The Left sound their most progressive. Grating and jarring, yet running over puddles of groove, Johnny Borrell Afterlife tackles ego with a smirking sense of confidence that gives the band a menacing aura and presents the very real threat that their next move will be surprising and unprecedented.

Get it. Man Vs. Melody EP

12. Doctrines – ZE

You mad brah? This is an EP, not a song. This list has descended into farce. Calm down poppets. Yes, ZE was released as a four-track EP but really, it’s a seventeen-minute epic callously sliced into four bite size chunks. Bounding with endless energy, Doctrines twist and fall down levels of switching time signatures with a crazed disregard. Gravel howls shield beauty, as ZE sidesteps the expected with intelligent escapism to create the most mental but utterly glorious beast that you’ll encounter.

Get it. ZE EP

11. Olympians – Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy)

Bookending their singles club with this illuminating and wonderful track, Olympians have publically showcased their musical growth through the entirety of 2012. Bouncing with synth vibes and layers of delectable vocal melodies, Olympians take on a modern existence with boisterous charm and unwavering wit. Surrender unto the alluring waves of caressing grace.

Get it. Book Club


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