Top 50 Songs of 2012. (10-1)

It’s the final countdown. Na Na Naaa Nuh.  While that introduction may have been done to death, these final ten tracks are fresh as new trainers and just as kicking radical. They come from some of my most favourite artists whp are actually lovely people making genuine, incredible music. Show them some love by checking them out below and then telling them how much you love/admire/want to fist bump them. Oh, you’re welcome world.

10. Nina Nesbitt – Boy

It’s been a year of huge pop songs that have made cheery slabs of upbeat singalong madness almost cool. Carly Ray Jepson and Taylor Swift may have dominated the upper sanctums of mainstream acceptance but bubbling beneath the surface something special has been brewing. Nina Nesbitt, the young singer/songwriter from Scotland has been proving she’s more than a pretty face throughout 2012. Boy is a rampant, stomping anthem of arrival that flaunts her flawless, breathy vocals but also toys with a bounding electro curtain. When Nina goes onto commercial and critical acclaim in 2013, it’ll be Boy that provided the blueprint.

Get it. Boy EP

9. Sucioperro – Rabbits In Boxes

Fused is an incredible album, full of vicious, snarling songs and confident, assured swagger. Rabbits In Boxes is the smouldering, twisted eye of the storm. Stalking with menace and rich with intent, it’s a glorious, fantastical song that spins a web of intrigue before tearing it down with a beautifully violent breakdown. It’s so good, it has two videos.

Get it. Fused

8. British Theatre – Give A Man Enough Rope And He Will Hang Us All

A post-Oceansize world was a scary concept but luckily Mike Vennart and Richard Ingram have provided a blanket to drape around your shoulders and a reason to cheer up. The delicate swerving and unapologetic drops provide Give A Man Enough Rope with a considered intensity. Alongside haunting vocal whispers and a warning lyrical content, British Theatre have crafted a precise, layered masterpiece.

Get it. Dyed In The Wool Ghost

7. Mikill Pane – Dirty Rider

Mikill Pane is poised to explode in 2013, with the fuse being lit this year, the spark curtsey of Dirty Rider. With the backing of a major label, Mikill Pane cuts a more confident shape throughout Dirty Rider. An ebbing flow provides the vessel for his incredible vocals, with double entendres and genius wordplay rolling off the tongue with relaxed ease, while a juddering but wholly rounded instrumental backing drives the track. Pacey but without fury, the track allows the lyrics to hit home, sinking in and reverberating before the next witticism finds its target. Listen carefully, you can almost hear the countdown.

Get it. Dirty Rider EP

6. Evarose – There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing

Evarose are a band of entwined charisma and startling stage presence that they manage to capture with their recorded material, an impressive feat for a band two EPs in. There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing is a haunting peak into their future, with an arena dominating chorus and encapsulating bridge, it’s as infectious as you like while keeping a biting edge to proceedings. Diving and climbing, it’s difficult to second guess but through it, Evarose will capture your heart and you’ll surrender into giving chase.

Get it. Elements EP

5. Tall Ships – Gallop

The debut album from Tall Ships came with certain expectations. After two EPs and years of touring, they had garnered a great deal of admiration for their clattering loops and soaring beauty. Everything Touching shattered these expectations under a heavy boot of incredible charm and considered allure.

The second single from Everything Touching, Gallop, starts with a cursive and pounding drumbeat reining unrelenting pace upon you while outstretched guitar tramples underfoot. The vocals are forced against the sparking instrumental mixture and ascend to the dizzying peaks of the track. The mesmerising climbs will hypnotise with their delicate beauty as you cling onto the rugged loops that thread themselves throughout.

Get it. Everything Touching

4. Wot Gorilla? – Snow White

Distortion takes on clean cut vocals during the quaking opening in a matched conflict of hand to hand to combat before Wot Gorilla? send Snow White tumbling down a valley. Changing time signatures are hammered home with the tapping grace of the drums while the vocals ebb and rush. All the math rock refrain comes undone as Wot Gorilla? launch into a speeding breakdown that screams with enfolding impulse.

Get it. Kebnekaise

3. Freeze The Atlantic – Volcanoes

Freeze The Atlantic have a classic British rock sound that they infuse with a confident swagger and know-how of a band already world weary. While their knowledge may have seen it all, their polished, encapsulation sound is refreshed and vibrant. Volcanoes is a forward thinking chunk of rugged riffs, gargantuan refrains and the anthemic centre of a perfectly formed slice of rock.

Get it. Speakeasy

2. Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – England’s Dead

Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun have crafted an impeccable blend of folk heart and hardcore anger to create songs that are faultlessly gorgeous but also snarl with pinpoint aggression. England’s Dead is a splendid example of this melding. A sublime opening dances with subdued purity before building into rolling ambition. The fiery anger grows until it’s containment is no longer possible and it bursts forth in a breakdown of acoustic angst and electric antagonism. Pristine beauty and petulant bite, Jim Lockey & the Solemn sun have crafted something wonderful and given it space to evolve into the masterful beast we have before us.

Get it. Death

1. Fixtures – Samson

This Bath four piece have spent 2012 plunging textured depths with aplomb. Crafting the most superb music, full of math-rock vibes and layered fragility they manage to make it interesting enough to keep you stationary but exciting enough to draw you closer to their flame.

Samson ebbs with liquid time signatures and agile guitar on this ode to angst before tumbling down around the considered fury of the young band. Emotive with crafted confusion, Samson is a heady romp that crashes under the weight of Fixtures passion and expectancy. The unique vocals sound incredible, tying the jarring instrumentals together with genius command. Everything Fixtures do is arranged with such grace and delicacy that it screams out to you as you marvel at the beautiful expanses they lay out for you, moments before they sweep you away on their gifted wings.

Get it. Shades EP.


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