Live. Blitz Kids.

16660_10151139518826937_1059319818_nLive. Blitz Kids and Evarose. Windsor Firestation. Friday 14th December, 2012.

Blitz Kids took to the cold roads of the UK in the dying weeks of 2012 in support of their latest EP, Never Die along with Oxfordshire quartet, Evarose. They played the Windsor Firestation on December 14th.

While Blitz Kids and Evarose may tread different musical paths, both bubble with the promise of the fantastical. There’s no better place to flaunt this betrothal than live, and both bands impress as their musical deftness clears the path for their assured swagger, capturing everything that’s beautiful about modern British rock.

Evarose make glorious, well crafted music that snarls with punk soul but gleams with considered polish. The simple blend of guitar, bass, drums and vocals is a tireless combination but one that Evarose have perfected. Ensnaring guitar riffs twist away from loaded bass lines while the agile drum crashes chase the flighty smoulder of the vocals.  Brooding anthems litter the set as Evarose launch a charming offensive, There’s No Such Thing As Something For Nothing hypnotisesas the gothic slant gives way to arena bothering reprises.

Blitz Kids are very self-assured. Confident but never cocky, their stage presence and unrelenting drive makes them an engaging promise.

Their music, grand and encompassing, flits between genre boundaries with aplomb. Heady and furious, the Chester four piece bounce between stadium rock, emotional coasting and electro punk with flawless precision. Blitz Kids take polished Americanisms and twist them until they flourish with the abrasive underdog snarl that makes Blitz Kids distinctly British. Never Die is a gritty call to arms, delivered with fervent passion while smuggling a hook-laden blow, surprising as it lands.

There’s every chance that the future of British music was confined to a dance studio in Windsor on December 14th. With Evarose and Blitz Kids at the helm, the future can’t come quickly enough.



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