Free Dip. Volume One.

Piracy is bad. Parrots make difficult pets and peg legs scuff nice laminate floors. Free music is super-delightful though, but how do you locate the islands of wonder in the sea of beige? Stand aside, and let me be your rudder as we sail together into the sunset.

Going in hard with Volume One, here’s two compilations from two of my favourite labels; Alcopop! And Big Scary Monster. These two albums will cost you zero pennies and feature twenty-five fantastic songs by twenty-five awesome bands. There is simply no downside. Unless your head is not used to such high concentrations of incredible, then we may have a problem, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Crate Of Lemon Hooch (And A Unicorn) Download.

        1. Shivering and Dazed – Freeze The Atlantic
        2. Mimi Ashi – Oh No! Yoko
        3. 3 Hearts – Johnny Foreigner
        4. Chocolate Hooves – Gunning For Tamar
        5. 56K Dial-Up – Stagecoach
        6. The Remedy – The Social Club
        7. Past Broadcasts – My First Tooth
        8. Get In The Car – Katie Malco
        9. The Horton Shuffle – The Attika State
        10. Climbing Yggdrasil – Doctrines
        11. The Word ‘Canoe’ – Bear Cavalry
        12. Old Bucket Seats – Lightguides
        13. Summer, Somewhere – Screaming Maldini

BSM 2012 Sampler.  Download.

    1. Your New Favourite Song – Matt Pryor
    2. Wowowow – Cursive
    3. Lifewood – Crash Of Rhinos
    4. If I Needed You There – Joyce Manor
    5. All Mouth – Shoes And Socks Off
    6. Turn And Go And Turn – Everyone Everywhere
    7. Steel And Blood – Minus The Bear
    8. Run For Word – Toe
    9. Community, Stability, Identity – Gnarwolves
    10. Ode To Ancestors – Tall Ships
    11. Wet Wet Wet Wet – Axes
    12. Over The Moon – Colour

So get downloading, you handsome schmucks and schmuckettes.


~ by justdip on 13/01/2013.

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