Review. Our Lost Infantry – The New Art History.



Review. Our Lost Infantry – The New Art History.

Out now on Deep Elm Records.

Breathtaking and evasive, Our Lost Infantry cordially invite you to lose yourself within their cultivated wilderness.

Cutting a swathe through genre boundaries with nothing more than a curt nod to those that provide influence, Our Lost Infantry stand to attention with an arresting cocktail of rock; blending post, math, and arena with fearful precision. The New Art History is an evocative and masterful debut that swarms with grand intention but hits hard with raw frailty.

The vocals are as diverse as the musical influences that flow beneath them; from the gloom sodden Kenning to the noble resistance of All The Streetlights Of My Hometown, Our Lost Infantry create movements of melody that puncture the textural vortex of the instruments.

The opening line “Wrote an alibi in mistletoe” through to the closing reflection “If I should die, think this of me. I’m still the same boy I always was” sees a band questioning the dark. With such brave fear and hopeful abandon, a reply isn’t warranted, as their struggle against the unknown is an inconclusive foray. The lyrics, relevant and insightful, shoulder a mood that could attach itself to any number of grand topics but at its core, tackles with the harshly personal ability to relate.

The instrumental jousting reinforces the power of the vocals with a shifting backdrop of precision and aggression. Whether melodic ascensions or harrowing respites, Our Lost Infantry triumph with flair and refreshing complexity to create a vast, reaching landscape for you to explore.

The New Art History is an album awash with the power to lift you up and dust you down or send you tumbling over a cliff face. Defiant union counters bleak disillusion as the album unites through alienation. Proud and uncompromising, Our Lost Infantry are a band delivering brilliance and with The New Art History they’re a band you’ll want to call your own.


~ by justdip on 16/01/2013.

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