Review. Blood Red Shoes – Water EP


Review. Blood Red Shoes – Water EP.
Released. Monday 21st January 2013.

That point in most bands careers where they swerve away from their past glories and tackle a grander, more mature sound is a dangerous tipping point. It normally marks a slide in style, alienating while it indulges. Blood Red Shoes aren’t most bands. Their foray into maturity saw them create the layered masterpiece, In Time To Voices and now, less than a years later, the Brighton two-piece are back with a ruckus. The source of the carnage? The spiky buzz and sharp impulse of The Water EP.

Vocally, Water is superb. The entwined power from the two voices conveys a murky tone that carries enough weight to cut through the rapacious instrumental roar that props up Water . While the warped foundations run free, the vocals skit across the top with restless authority and clamour, subduing the churning howl from below.

Blood Red Shoes certainly don’t ease you into their rediscovered, redefined filthy swagger. Dropping you in at the deep end with Red River, Water is a swirling clash of considered chaos and distorted want that’ll have you battling against the tide of sludge-laden riffs and bubbling drum grooves.

Red River is the brash march that parts Water. The sultry gloom of the vocals straddles a classic rock ‘n’ roll riff that fizzes around the crisp definition of the drums. Black Distraction sways with a bouncing funk as the filthy guitar pops with excited chatter while Idle Hands mesmerises with hypnotic allure. The confident walk of the drums leading the impressionable fuzz of the guitar.

The Water EP is a loud declaration of desire. The unrelenting attack of grimy, blues riffs forces the EP down dark, twisting roads at breakneck speeds. The rugged spontaneity is apparent but adored, as Blood Red Shoes have captured a real sense of excitement that’s as infectious as any hook-adorned anthem.

Water isn’t a record that takes you places; it’s a record that’s going places. Hold tight, because you’re along for the ride.


~ by justdip on 20/01/2013.

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