Review. Funeral For A Friend – Conduit.


Funeral For A Friend – Conduit

Out. Monday 28th January 2013

Funeral For A Friend have finally released the album that they’ve been threatening to for the past 12 years. It’s called Conduit and it’s their latest weapon. Sleak and elegant it targets with ruthless efficiency and impacts with powerful and shocking surrender.

The drifting, expansive opening of Spine looks to give the game away whilst maintaining the five piece’s poker face, as rolling drum collisions and smothering guitar rucks provide the main artillery while subdued, shadow-ridden groove darts between the crushing violence. The lead-lined agility and reinforced speed is underpinned with delicate sways of different; The wavering electronic swerves of Nails, the fluid evasiveness of Elements and the swaggering respite of Death Comes To Us All, all add to Conduits rich, textured landscape that pops with vibrant bursts of black against a backdrop of multi-coloured emotion.

The title track, Conduit, draws the blue print for the album. Melodic aggression atop waves of genuine pop sensibility crashes into shifting, expanding breakdowns delivered with hearty excitement and stylised vigour. Driving with menacing hope, Conduit has little regard for those caught unaware. There is no let up of relentless fury and the impassioned cries of Funeral For A Friend offer a stark realism to the band.

The vocals on Conduit are a forced departure for Funeral For A Friend as drummer/vocalist Ryan Richards left early last year. This change has benefited beyond belief, as Matthew Daview-Kreye ,alongside Kris Coombs-Roberts and Gav Burrough, have been gifted an opportunity to explore their sound which has resulted in a powerhouse of emotive thunderings and screaming intentions. The lyrics reflect a positive detachment from a mainstream that they once infiltrated and tell the tale of a band at peace with themselves but not the world.

Conduit is a brash declaration of who Funeral For A Friend are. Respected veterans and loyal comrades who have rewarded us with a concise, moreish album, produced without blushes of fear. It’s a comfortable album that both satisfies and leaves you wanting. It’s the most honest album Funeral For A Friend have put their name to, it’s also the best.


~ by justdip on 28/01/2013.

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